• The Westbury High School Student Council exists to promote civic responsibility, leadership, scholarship, and human relations within the student body. Student Council serves three distinct functions: legislation, service and spirit ambassadors.

    The legislative purpose of the STUCO is as follows:

    ·         To represent the interests of the entire student body

    ·         To review and respond to feedback of the student body

    ·         To act as liaison to the school administration and/or SDMC, when it becomes necessary for student issues to be addressed at this level

    ·         To create bodies amongst its membership when necessary to achieve general and specific goals of the council

    The service purpose of the STUCO is as follows:

    ·         To provide aid to the students, the school and the community

    ·         To host school functions which may include, but are not limited to fundraisers, dances, and teacher appreciation

    ·         To sponsor a number of community service activities, in a manner which brings the school and community closer together as a whole

    The spirit ambassador purpose of the STUCO is as follows:

    ·         Encourage students to initiate and participate in school affairs

    ·         Promote activities and programs that provide opportunities for as many students to become involved as possible

    ·         Develop within the individual student a sense of responsibility for conduct and behavior

    ·         Promote healthy attitudes toward school against which Westbury competes

    ·         Foster pride in the appearance of school buildings and grounds

    ·         Create harmonious relationships between faculty and students

    ·         Conduct and regulate all school campaigns, elections, and installations of student council members.