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Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Update!

Our current Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is 98.23% and our goal is to reach 98%. This is important because our campus budget is directly related to the ADA. Since our enrollment is smaller comparing to many other campuses, each student's attendance counts a greater percentage. 
Our instructional day begins at 7:45 and the attendance bell rings at 9:30 each morning. Your child's success starts with arriving at school on time. We don't want your child to miss out on valuable learning opportunities because every minute counts! When your child is "MISSING SCHOOL", your child is "MISSING OUT". 
Here is our current attendance information. Our current ADA is lower than it was in 2013. We need your cooperation to bring your child to school on time. Please support us reaching our goal.
 Month ADA (2014-2015) ADA (2013-2014)
 August 98.92%
 September 98.11% 98.47%