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From one of our +Teachers:

My First Graders became aware of +Works at the beginning of the school year.  After hearing your presentation, I knew +Works would play an important role in my classroom.


As I established classroom rules and procedures, I told the children that I would be also be teaching them how to be an "up-stander."  We acted out common school situations and came up with good ideas to help deal with hurtful words.


I played the +Car video where young football players were criticizing a teammate.  Since most of our boys were on football teams, this was the perfect time of year to show the video! They liked the way the mother defended the boy even though he wasn't in the car! I used her terminology, "That's not okay,"...(more)

Positive Works  



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Pershing Nurtures STEM - High School Credit Courses, Biology and Geometry Are Offered to Motivated 8th Graders. 
ball Geometry is the study of the size, shape and position of 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional figures.  Geometry is found everywhere: in art, architecture, engineering, robotics, land surveys, astronomy, sculptures, space, nature, sports, machines, cars and computer graphics which make the beloved computer game/animation possible! More...
bio1 Motivated students at Pershing Middle School now have the chance to get a high school biology  credit in the 8th grade. To qualify for this class students must be taking algebra and pass a science readiness test.  They must also be ready to study hard for the most intense course of their middle school career and maintain at least a B average for this course at all times.  More...

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