• Question: How will busing work? 

    Answer: If you live more than 2 miles away from the school, and are zoned to the district, HISD provides free busing of your child from their nearest school to MIMS and back at the end of the day. However, you must let us know if your child needs busing when you respond with your entrance agreement.  Should you return your entrance agreement without indicating you need district transportation, and later change your mind, you must alert the school about the change!  It is essential that MIMS has your current address on file.  The transportation department will establish routes in August. Unfortunately, due to state and district regulations, we are unable to provide busing for Pre-K students.


    Question: How are bus routes determined?

    Answer: A member of the HISD Routing and Scheduling staff assigns all eligible students to bus stops. Round trip transportation is provided to eligible students between district-designated stops and MIMS. Typically, the designated stops are elementary schools, though not always, and these stops are based on the home address of the student. Once school starts, any requested change to bus routes takes two to three weeks to process.


    Question: When will I find out the details of my student’s bus route, like the pick up time and location?

    Answer: Parents are informed (via email and/or robocall) of their child’s bus stop before school starts.  If information has not arrived in the week before the start of school, parents can contact MIMS for more information.


    Question:  Will my Kindergarten student be riding on the same bus with middle or high school students?

    Answer: Elementary students ride on buses only with other elementary and middle school students from MIMS.


    Question: If I live out of district, does my child qualify for busing?

    Answer: Students whose home address is outside of HISD are not eligible for district-provided transportation.  For more information, contact Mrs. Obando in the main office.


    Question: I work for HISD, can I arrange for my child to be picked up at my school?

    Answer:  The HISD transportation department creates bus routes for students based on their home address. Parents can only request bus stop changes if the stop already exists as one of MIMS other bus stops. You may use the Let's Talk! survey on the HISD Transportation website to make this request. Questions about specific special requests for stops can be directed to Mrs. Obando.


    Question: I work close to an HISD school.  Can I use that school as the pick up/drop off point for my student rather than the HISD designated stop?

    Answer: See above.


    For more information on transportation and busing, please speak with Mrs. Obando at the front desk.