Ms. Jamie Russo



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jamie Russo

Ms. Russo is a career teacher with a BA & M.Ed from the University of St. Thomas. She is really excited to use her Masters degree at MIMS in Multi-cultural Urban Education and to facilitate GT strategies for higher learning outcomes. This is her first year to teach 1st grade and is looking forward to the new experience.  She spends her spare time with her 4 dogs and cat. She volunteers with an Italian Community & Culture Club and 2 Rodeo Committees (Carnival Ticket Sales and Agricultural Education).

Weekly Update for October 14 - 18

ELA Objectives:  

Reading :  Poetry - Rhyming Words - Repitition - Rhythm 

Writing: Capital Letters and Complete Sentences with Punctuation (. ! ?)

Phonics:  qu, /kw/, x, z 

Spelling:  Short e     hen, pen, yet, web, wet, leg, bad and HFW (High Frequency Words) day, have write 

Handwritng:  Grip, Placement of Page, Start at the Top, and Name 

Social Studies:  Jobs in Our Community - Firefighters & Fire Safety 

We are busy!!!

Halloween Costumes need to be Book Charaters, more details to follow  


Weekly Update for October 7 - 11

 ELA Objectives:

*  Fantasy  *  Plot ( Beginning, MIddle, End)  *  Theme (Big Idea)                                               

High Frequency Words:  about, eat, how, make, out, put, takes, who   



*  Complete Sentences (capitalization and ending mark)


*  Short u         

Spelling Words:  up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub, pup, HFW - eat, who, takes 

Social Studies:   

Understanding Geography:  Land & Earth  

Please forgive my missing last week and being late this week on my updates.  I have been working on Field Trips.  Free Field Trips (including the bus cost).  I have had a lot of quick turn arounds on forms with deadlines and signatures.

Field Trips set-up:  

Firehouse 3000 Chimney Rock.  We are walking and will depart MIMS around 12:40.  Panthers October 16 and Monkeys October 17  (awaiiting HISD signatures)

Peter and the Wolf at the Hobby Center December 6 11:30 

Cat in the Hat at  Mainstreet Theatre  April 20 9:30 


Weekly Update for September 23 - 27 - ELA & SS from Ms. Russo & Mrs. Worden 


Thank you to Ms. Vora and Ms. Rueda for volunteering last week.  Your help is so much appreciated.  

If you have not already done so, please sign and send in the last page of the First Grade Syllabus.  


Monday:  Spelling Homework sent home.  Book orders due tomorrow.    

Tuesday:  Red Folders go home.  Progress Reports will be inside along with the TIMELINE Social Studies Project.  

Wednesday:  Return Red Folders with signed Progress report. 

Friday:  Spelling and Reading Test. BINGO September Reaidng due today 9-27-19(Lavendar sheet)  Early Dismissal at 1:15.  

ELA Objectives:  

Reading:  Antonyms, Ideas & Support (Author's Opinion & Supporting Reason), Setting and Fantasy Fiction. 

Writing:  Sentence Starters and Complete Sentences

Grammar:  Action Verbs & Capitals

High Frequency Words:  are, buy, little, said, too, up, will, you

Spelling:  short i 

Spelling words:  in, pig, did, sit, dig, big, you , said 

Phonics:  consonants g, k

Social Studies:  Past, Present, Future, Time, Yesterday , Today, Tomorrow, and Calendars 

Note from Ms. Worden:  Hello everyone, I  am getting closer to getting my website issues resolved.  Thank you for your patience.  


Weekly Update for September 16 - 20  - ELA & SS for Ms. Russo & Mrs. Worden 

Thank you: Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Open House.  It was a wonderful turnout.  

Monday:  Spelling Test & Reading Test 

Tuesday:  Red Folders go home.  Look for Class T-Shirt form (neon orange paper, orders due Tuesday, September 24).  Wear Astros Attire Day (Orange and Blue colors or Astros attire).  Teachers will be sending home a papercopy of the Syllabus to those who did not get one at Open House.  We do need the last page signed and returned for our files please.  Thank you to those of you who returned them already. 

Friday: Spelling and Reading Test, and Progress Reports go home 


ELA Objectives: Syllabus First Grade Parent 2019 -2020

Reading:   Fiction, Characters

Writing:  Sentence Starters and Complete Sentences

Grammar:  Action Verbs 

High Frequency words:  and, find, for, just, many, one, she, then 

Spelling:   short i  {it, him, is, sip, fit, pin, and, & just}   Spelling Homework 

Phonics:  r, f, s /z/


Book Orders are due this week.  Feel free to send in paper order with cash or check payable to Scholastic.  You can order online

and receive a free book with your order.  Order Online Here  Russo Class Code: W66DB  (Due Friday, Sept. 20)  Worden Class Code: GLRJ2 (Due Monday, Sept. 23) 


RUSSO'S PANTHERS  & C. CHEN'S MONKEYS  HOMEROOM:  Here is the Power Point we showed and discussed at Open House.   Open House  



Weekly Update 9/9 - 9/13 ELA Ms. Russo & Mrs. Worden  Open House is Wednesday September 11, 2019 from 5:00 - 7:00

Good News we all have a Room Mom and we hope to meet with them this week to get all of are plans in order.  

Monday - If homwework was not collected on Friday it will be collected and new homework given (September Bingo (purple sheet) due September 27)

Tuesday - Red folders go home 

Wednesday - Open House

Thursday - Russo's classes to take Renaissance 360 test 

Friday - Worden's classes to take Renaissance 360 test 



Reading :  Continuing Realistic Fiction (adding Author's Purpose & Theme) High Frequency Words for the week ( a, first, good, had, he, I , my, was)

Spelling Words:  an, bad, can, nap, cat, pan, good, first   **Due to Renaissance Testing, Spelling Test will Monday, Sept. 16 ** Phonics:  N. D, P, C (/k/) short a 

Social Studies: Rules - at home, school, community, authority figures and responsibilities.  

*Due to technical difficulties, Mrs. Worden's MIMS page does not work.  Feel free to email her at or message her through Class Dojo



Weekly Update 9/3 - 9/6  ELA Ms. Russo & Mrs. Worden 

Help Wanted: We are both looking for a Room Mother; please email us and let us know if you would like to help.   

Reminders: Elementary OPEN HOUSE is September 11, 2019 from 5:00 - 7:00  We look forward to seeing everyone! 

Monday - No School Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday - Tuesday Folders going home along with homework

Friday - Reading and Spelling Test 


Reading:  Realistic Fiction (

Homework: Children need to be reading or listening to reading for 15 minutes each night.  Use the September Reading Bingo Board for activities and to log reading.  Reading Bingo Board can be turned in at the end of September.  Spelling Words will be going home on Tuesday, our test will be on Friday.


Reading: Realistic Fiction, Plot (characters, setting, beginning, middle and end)

English Language Arts and Spelling: Nouns, short a, consonant sounds: m, s, t, b

Social Studies: Being a Good Citizen



Weekly Update: 8/26 - 8/30  ELA Ms. Russo & Mrs. Worden

     We had a great first week.  Thank you for supplying the student's supplies and for all of the classroom gifts.  We greatly appreciate this.  We worked hard on routines and procedures, yet had a great time getting to know everyone.  In order to streamline better communication weekly updates will be posted here.  

Help Wanted:  We are both looking for a Room Mother; please email us and let us know if you would like to help.