• These are the following Learning Objectives for the Week of 10/28-11/1


    Reading: Genre: Biography


    Students can locate facts in text.

    Students can identify the author’s purpose.

    Students can identify the main idea of a text.

    Students can sequence important events.  

    Students can identify and use transition words.


    Language Arts:


    Students can identify and use action verbs.

    Students can write complete sentences.


    Social Studies:


    Students can identify places using maps.

    Students can interpret information on maps and globes using basic map elements such as title, orientation (north, south, east, west), and legend/map keys.

    Students can create maps to show places and routes within the home, school, and community.


    Spell words with Inflected Endings -s, -es: birds, boxes, eggs, glasses, boats, dishes, boys, foxes, girls, wishes, bugs, cats, pants, apples, benches, pies, guesses, radishes, sneakers, trucks