Learning Objectives

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    Hope this email finds you all safe, well and healthy! I’m so glad I was your child’s teacher this year and really appreciated all parents for all your supports. Time flies, I can’t believe the end is here and a bit sad that I couldn’t see part of my students in person… I will remember all the fun we had and all the challenges we overcome this year. Best wishes as all kiddos try the best on their learning and make new friends in their 3rd grade! 

    Please encourage your child using the good resources listed below continue to learn during the summer-

    1. ichiesereader https://ichinesereader.com/icr/login (Details below)
    2. Betterchinese betterchinese.com (Details below)
    3. Math’s fun https://www.mathsisfun.com/quiz/fourtimes.html
    4. Math Games https://www.multiplication.com/games
    5. Learning Chinese pinyin http://www.guihuazhu.com/exercises/
    6. Game Learn Chinese https://www.gameslearnchinese.com/game/
    7. Fastfingers pinyin tapinghttps://10fastfingers.com/
    8. All 2nd grade Chinese vocabulary review (Attached)
    9. multiplication chart (Attached)
    10. pinyin chart (Attached)
    11. Please see the last section for more additional online learning resources


    Please have a safe and wonderful Summer 😊!!!



    Starting Oct 5th, 2020, we have used ichinesereader this platform for one of our two Chinese grades- I assign 3-5 books for weekly reading assignment every week on ichinesereader and students have 5 days to complete reading all 3 assigned books with all correct answers on the quizzes (if any) to get a full credit “100”.

    -How to Log in:

    1. https://ichinesereader.com/icr/login
    2. Username: mims####### (# indicate your child’s 7-digit student ID)
    3. Password: your own password if you already change the password. (123456 (default- Highly recommended to change the password))
    4. Find the assigned books in “Assignment” on ichiesereader


    Please find the attached files 7. for detailed information regarding to how to login and change password for this platform.


    Chinese worksheets

    All Chinese practice worksheets (include words, Stroke order, sentences structure, games...) can be found on HUB-Mandarin Reading Course-Resources & MS Teams (student Homeroom class)- Files- Class Materials (mixed), also in the weekly emails. Students can practice Chinese handwriting with these worksheets at home.


    BetterChinese & BetterChinese


    Teachers will be using BetterChinese along with some other materials (ppt, quizlet, etc.) to teach the Chinese lessons in 3rd grade as well, students are welcome to use those extra resources to self-study, preview/review and practice at home during the summer time.


    Please see the student login information below-


    Better Chinese for students:

    • Chinese online.betterchinese.com
    • Students (School Account Tab)
    • Class ID: MIMSOLS
    • User Name: 20s01, 20s02, 20s03, 20s04,….20s10
    • Password: 123 (it is a shared account, please ask students to NOT to change the password)


    HISD Technology service desk

    Phone: 713-892-7378

    Web: http://servicedesk.houstonisd.org

    Email: servicedesk@houstonisd.org


    Additional Online Learning Resources:

    In order to provide our students with quality learning experiences during this time, I am sharing the following extra technology learning resources below. Your child can have access from home to the following websites or Apps (These resources also can be found in HUB, Mandarin Reading course’s Resources):

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions,


    Thank you,


    Best regards,