Learning Objectives

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    Hope this finds all well with you and your family! If your child didn’t pass the MOY Chinese HFW test, you should have received an email from me on Wednesday 3/3/2021, and he/she will be scheduled a Retake test on 3/10, 3/11 or 3/12. (Please use the attached words lists (Attachment #16, #17) to prepare the Chinese HFW Retake test- I will continue review the words with the students during class and small group).

    Message from HISD about Covid-19 update- “We are aware of Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement to lift the statewide mask mandate. The Houston Independent School District will continue to require all students, staff, and visitors to wear masks on district property and at district events. This requirement is consistent with the advice of health professionals and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, HISD will continue to follow the guidelines of its Communicable Disease Plan for the safety of all of our students and staff at all HISD campuses and district buildings, including practicing physical distancing. For more information on HISD’s safety measures, please visit www.HoustonISD.org/CDP”.

    Please always keep in mind that it is very important that we continue to follow the guidelines and the Disease Plan for the Prevention and Control to ensure the health and safety for all of us.

    *Please read the following items in red for the most recent/important events and also other important items below (All the information here also can be found on MIMS webpage- Mr. Chin’s page and LivingTree)


    HFW Test (Retake)

    If your child didn’t pass the 2nd Chinese HFW test, you should have received an email from me on Wednesday, and he/she will be scheduled a Retake test on 3/10, 3/11 or 3/12.

    *Please use the attached words lists (Attachment #16, #17) to prepare the Chinese HFW Retake test (the teacher will continue review the words with the students during class and small group).

    Vocabulary Quizlet: http://www.houstonisd.org/Page/107614 (Lesson 16,17,18,19)



    LivingTree parent teacher communication platform is live now. I will post our 2nd grade weekly update on livingTree as well. please see the sent email about LivingTree from the Principal, Mr. Ying for more details.   


    Daily Assignment plan (Chin)

    Please see details in 4. Attachment.


    Chinese worksheets

    All Chinese practice worksheets (include words, Strokeorders, sentences structure, games...) can be found on HUB-Mandarin Reading Course-Resources & MS Teams (student Homeroom class)- Files- Class Materials (mixed), also in the weekly emails. Students can practice Chinese handwriting with these worksheets at home.


    Starting Oct 5th, 2020, we have used ichinesereader this platform for one of our two Chinese grades- I assign 3-5 books for weekly reading assignment every week on ichinesereader and students have 5 days to complete reading all 3 assigned books with all correct answers on the quizzes (if any) to get a full credit “100”.

    -How to Log in:

    1. https://ichinesereader.com/icr/login
    2. Username: mims####### (# indicate your child’s 7-digit student ID)
    3. Password: your own password if you already change the password. (123456 (default- Highly recommended to change the password))
    4. Find the assigned books in “Assignment” on ichiesereader


    Please find the attached files 7. for detailed information regarding to how to login and change password for this platform.


    Missing/Late assignments

    Here’s a friendly reminder that all assignments need complete on the same day, which will be up one day and closed at 11:59pm on each day for daily the assignments, please let me know if you child can’t complete it on the same day due to the excused absence, dr. appointment,…I will rearrange for you. (Accommodations applied- Without any notice, for those missing/late grading assignments, the teacher will take 10 points off from the grades even though the student completes it and get all answers correct after the due date).


    Small Group Instruction

    Begin W8, Small group instruction is resuming. We have 1 group per day from Monday to Thursday.

    • Group 1- Monday, Group 2- Tuesday, Group 3- Wednesday, Group 4- Thursday/
    • Morning small group time 10:30-10:45/10:15-10:30 & Afternoon small group 2:00-2:15.
    • How to find your small group and join at the designated time?
    1. “Group 1” from “Calendar” and click on “Join”
    2. Find “Group 1” from the Channel list on your MS Teams (Homeroom) then click on “Join” meeting from the “Posts”.


    (Please see attachment 8. for NEW small group Roster and time)


    NEW Reopening plan you need to know (Chin & Espinoza)

    • Please see the attachments 3., 8., 11., for important Reopening plan items.


    • The second 6 weeks will change some. The Daily Schedule will be different for both Virtual and Face to Face students. We have a total of 39 students staying virtual. Mr. Chin and I will continue to teach virtually from school. (Students will stay in the same groups and go by the same Homeroom (The students who are in in-person from Mr. Chin’s homeroom will be with Ms. Espinoza’s homeroom class for instruction)


    Next week will be Dragon Week:

    Morning: Espinoza’s homeroom virtual students and the returning face to face students. (Total students 23)

    Morning: Chin’s homeroom students ONLY virtual.  (Total students 20)

    Afternoon: Espinoza teaches Mr. Chin’s homeroom virtually.

    Afternoon: Chin teaches Espinoza’s homeroom and returning face to face students.


    The second 6 weeks will be alternating between Dragon/Phoenix (A/B) week rotation schedule.


    - Dragon (A) Weeks- Mr. Chin has Chin’s homeroom in the morning and Espinoza’s Homeroom in the afternoon.

    - Phoenix (B) Weeks- Mr. Chin has Espinoza’s homeroom in the morning and Chin’s homeroom in the afternoon.

    10/19-23   A  (Dragon)

    10/26-30   B (Phoenix)

    11/2-6       A  (Dragon)

    11/9-13     B (Phoenix)




    Same pattern Continue…





    Both virtual classes will combine to join one MS Teams group, and in-person students will be in one group for enrichment on campus. Ms. Obando has already created the MS Teams ancillary class and sent the invitation. (Please see attachment 11. For the ancillary rotation schedule W/ link to join the class)


    Microsoft Teams-Live/Virtual Lessons

    We are using the MS Teams for our virtual lessons, Microsoft Teams including Mandarin Chinese, Math and science, and will be provided in the form of a live streaming. Please find the MS Teams guidelines in *attachment to help our kids access to Chinese/English classrooms on Microsoft Teams for the live lessons. (class materials, information for parents, worksheets...also can be found on MS Teams “files”)


    • Please see the attachment 6. for some important MS Teams updates.


    Hub/Clever-Assignments/Homework/Classwork (Go Math & Science Fusion)

    • Open a web browser (preferably Chrome) and access the Hub (Clever) at houstonisd.org/hub
    • When prompted with the Houston ISD Login Service Screen, enter:
    • Your Child’s Username: SXXXXXXX@online.houstonisd.org
    • (XXXXXXXXX is student ID number)
    • Your Child’s Password: XXXXXXXX
    • (“X” is the student’s 8-dgit birthday. ex: May 24, 2003 ---> 05242003)
    • HUB login instructions: https://www.houstonisd.org/hubinfo
    • Click on the tab for Digital Resources. (You might have to click on “More” and drag down to Digital Resources.)
    • Next, scroll down and click on Go math, Science Fusion, Imagine Math, Imagine, etc.




    Attendance is taken through live lesson participation at 10:30 AM, and/or evidence of work completion on the HUB by 11:59 PM DAILY. Please submit absent excuse notes through email to teachers and the attendance clerk (Ms. Obando: Linzhe.Obando@houstonisd.org; Ms. Connie: CGODINA@houstonisd.org)


    BetterChinese & BetterChinese (Discover Pro)


    Teachers will be using BetterChinese along with some other materials (ppt, quizlet, etc.) to teach the Chinese lessons, students are welcome to use those extra resources to self-study, preview/review and practice at home. (2G BetterChinese PDF textbook is now available on HUB- Resources)


    Please see the student login information below-


    Better Chinese for students:

    • Chinese online.betterchinese.com
    • Students (School Account Tab)
    • Class ID: MIMSOLS
    • User Name: 20s01, 20s02, 20s03, 20s04,….20s10
    • Password: 123 (it is a shared account, please ask students to NOT to change the password)


    Discovery Pro for Students:

    • Go to:  dcp.betterchinese.com
    • Select "School Account" tab
    • Enter Class ID: MIMSDCP
    • Enter User Name: 20s01, 20s02, 20s03, 20s04,….20s10
    • Password: 123 (it is a shared account, please ask students to NOT to change the password)


    Remind 101:

    Besides email and Microsoft Teams we have been used to connect each other, I would like to use “remind 101” which allow me to send you the phone text message for our lesson related information and update to your cell phone. 

    Please follow the steps below if you want to join and allow me to text you:

    -Send a text to 81010 and text this message @mims2nd

    Or -use this link to join https://www.remind.com/join/mims2nd



    HISD Technology service desk

    Phone: 713-892-7378

    Web: http://servicedesk.houstonisd.org

    Email: servicedesk@houstonisd.org


    Information for Parents

    Some important information/documents (ex. MIMS Masterschedule, enrichment schedule, daily schedule, MS Teams, HUB, etc.) can be found on HUB-Mandarin Reading Course-Resources and MS Teams (Student Homeroom class)- Files.  


    Please find the important information in attachments (These attachments also can be found in HUB, Mandarin Reading course’s Resources):


    1. Mth.Sci_QiuChin-2020-2021
    2. How to Join MS Meeting as Parent or Student
    3. Instruction to log onto HUB and Clever
    4. NEW Elementary Daily Schedule_2nd grade 2020-2021
    5. Assignments plan_ Chin (with weekly W24 assignments list/screenshot)
    6. G2 Chinese HFW 2020-2021
    7. Microsoft Teams Updates (2) (002)
    8. ichinesereader detail information
    9. NEW Small group Roster_ Chin
    10. L21-HFW (W24)
    11. L21 StrokeSequenceWorksheets (W24)
    12. NEW Reopening Plan Enrichment rotation Schedule
    13. L16_Chinese HFW (ppt.)
    14. L17_Chinese HFW (ppt.)
    15. L18_Chinese HFW (ppt.)
    16. L19_Chinese HFW (ppt.)
    17. 2nd Chinese HFW test list
    18. G2 Chinese HFW 2020-2021



    Additional Online Learning Resources:

    In order to provide our students with quality learning experiences during this time, I am sharing the following extra technology learning resources below. Your child can have access from home to the following websites or Apps (These resources also can be found in HUB, Mandarin Reading course’s Resources):

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions,


    Thank you,


    Best regards,