• Steps for applying

    1. Submit Application through School Choice
    2. Attend required Chinese Proficiency screener test
    3. Receive notification from district of lottery results
    4. Submit required documentation
    5. Complete registratio process with school
    6. Attend MIMS on the first day of new school year ! 
    Required document: Proof of residence, Student Birth Certificate / Passport, Driver's license/ID (for both parents/guardians on the enrollment form), Student's social security card, Student's Immunization Records, Student's last report card (if applicable)
    Any questions regarding registration, please call the school or email Ms. Connie at cgodina@houstonisd.org.


    K - 8th Dates  





    PK Dates




    More information about School Choice please visit: https://www.houstonisd.org/schoolchoice

    Submit application: https://choosehisd.my.site.com/Apply/SiteLanding

    Any questions regarding the application, please call the school or email Ms. Guo at  lguo3@houstonisd.org.