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    Every day, you do it all. You dedicate time and energy towards people, commitments and all the things that matter to you. But how often do you make time for self-care? How do you nurture yourself, too? It’s vital that you take care of your body, mind and spirit regularly. And not just when you’re sick. This helps you thrive and keeps your health in balance. So, even amid the chaos and your day-to-day responsibilities, pay attention to your well-being, too. More information on this flyer.

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    Aetna members are encouraged to take a moment to complete Aetna’s confidential mini survey of their health history and habits and receive instant results and advice. Aetna’s “Simple Steps to a Healthier Life” will help them learn about their health risks and how to lower them, gain real-life tips for better well-being, and much more. Just login to (if new to the site, click Register). Click on the health assessment link under the Stay Healthy icon. For questions, contact your Aetna Onsite Representative, Jeanne’ Johnson at 281-627-7489.

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    MindCheck is an online tool that makes it easy to improve your emotional well-being. It measures your mindset! It is quick and easy to get immediate feedback and access to resources that help you maintain a positive outlook. It can help with relationships, depression, stress, substance abuse, and more. For additional information, visit Aetna's mindcheck tool.

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    Simple Steps provides personalized support through health assessments and online health-coaching programs. View PDF Flyer

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    English and Spanish version