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    Yates SDMC Membership


    Member Name



    Stephanie Square



    Rachele Jones

    Special Education Representative


    Emmanuel Ajiodo

    Classroom Teacher


    Tamla Simmons

    Classroom Teacher


    Rennette Brown

    Classroom Teacher


    William Butler

    Professional Staff – Other School Based Professional


    Chernita Baldwin

    Non-Instructional Staff


    Sister Mama Sonya Roberts

    Community Representative


    Fallon Barrett

    Parent Representative – PTO


    Darrell Barrett

    Parent Representative


    William Saunders

    Community Member


    Pamela Boveland

    Business Representaitve


    Responsibilities of SDMC  

    Each committee will be designed to involve professional and nonprofessional staff members, parents, community members, and business representatives in establishing academic and other performance objectives of the school for each academic excellence indicator adopted in the Texas Education Code (TEC). [See AE(LOCAL), BQB(LEGAL), BQB(LOCAL), TEC Section 11.251 Planning and Decision-Making Process, and TEC Section 39.051 Academic Excellence Indicators.]

    The SDMC must be involved in decisions related to areas specified by the TEC. [See TEC Section 11.251 Planning and Decision-Making Process and TEC Section 11.253 Campus Planning and Site-Based Decision-Making.] The areas that require involvement of the SDMC are:

    • Implementing all pertinent campus-level planning processes;
    • Developing recommendations for the school budget;
    • Submitting recommendations for the school curriculum;
    • Recommending changes in the school’s staffing patterns;
    • Developing and approving the campus staff development plans;
    • Developing, reviewing, and revising the School Improvement Plan (SIP) for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations. After the principal approves the SIP, the SDMC will present the plan to the school-based professional staff for a vote of approval. [See BQB1(REGULATION)]
    • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding the school’s organizational structure; and
    • Establishing procedures to periodically obtain broad based community, parent, and staff input



    The committee is an advisory group to the school principal except for campus staff development. The committee must outline procedures for addressing the areas of involvement listed at RESPONSIBILITIES above and for decision-making. The principal will consult the SDMC in matters relating to the school educational program, but the principal has the final authority in fiduciary and financial decisions. [See BQB(LOCAL)]  

    Updates to SDMC Policy

     BQB2(REGULATION) -- revised 7 Sep 2023

    Select Co-Chairperson


    • This person is selected from School Based Professional. We have one member who meets this criteria. Ms. Brown nominated Mr. Butler. Ms. Simmons seconded the nomination. A unanimous vote in favor of naming Mr. Butler as Co-Chairperson of SDMC.

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