Grading and Report Cards

  • In order for HISD students to be promoted to the next grade level, they must show that they learned what the State of Texas requires of all public school children.  HISD "Promotion Standards" generally include classroom grades and a local or state test.  Details about the standards are available online through your child's school. 


    Grading and Report Cards 2019-2020

    Academic Subjects


    90-100 = Excellent

    E = Excellent

    80-89 = Good; above average

    S = Satisfactory

    75-79 = Satisfactory; average

    P = Poor; below average

    70-74 = Passing; below average

    U = Unsatisfactory

    Below 70 = Unsatisfactory



    • Students must pass five STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) End-of-Course (EOC) assessments: Algebra I, biology, English I, English II, and U.S. history.
    • Students are promoted based on their total accumulated course credits prior to the beginning of the next school year. 
    • Individual course credit is earned through a passing grade of 70% or above and sufficient attendance*
    *Sufficient attendance: A student’s total number of unexcused absences cannot exceed 10% of class meetings. Please remember that three tardies is equal to an absence. 
    Grade classification is determined by the number of credits that a students has earned. Classification is as follows:  

    Credits Earned

    Classification (year)


    grade 9 (freshman)


    grade 10 (sophomore)


    grade 11 (junior)

    18 or more

    grade 12 (senior)