Programs of Study

  • Photography - Graphic Design & Multimedia Arts: Students will be expected to develop an understanding of the commercial photography industry with a focus on creating quality photographs.


    Audio / Video Production - (JY Cinema) Digital Communications: Audio Video Production is an introduction and overview of the visual and audio media world. Students learn the fundamentals of video and audio production using professional equipment. How do cameras capture light and record images as analog or digital information?


    Digital Audio Technology - Digital Communications: Digital Audio Technology I was designed to provide students interested in audio production careers such as audio for radio and television broadcasting, audio for video and film, audio for animation and game design, music production and live sound, and additional opportunities and skill sets.


    Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Marketing & Sales: Sports and Entertainment Marketing will provide students with a thorough understanding of the marketing concepts and theories that apply to sports and entertainment. The areas this course will cover include basic marketing concepts, publicity, sponsorship, endorsements, licensing, branding, event marketing, promotions, and sports and entertainment marketing strategies.


    Entrepreneurship: In Entrepreneurship, students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to become an entrepreneur. Students will learn the principles necessary to begin and operate a business. The primary focus of the course is to help students understand the process of analyzing a business opportunity, preparing a business plan, determining feasibility of an idea using research, and developing a plan to organize and promote the business and its products and services. In addition, students will understand the capital required, the return on investment desired, and the potential for profit.


    Maritime - The Maritime program of study introduces students to the occupations and education opportunities related to operating water vessels, maintenance procedures, maritime navigational aids, maritime traffic controls, and communications equipment to ensure conformance with federal safety regulations