Minutes 2: November 9th

    • Celebrations
    • Previous meeting minutes review
      • Role of SDMC
      • Principal Evaluation System 
    • School Improvement Plan 
      • Review current draft Yates SIP
        • Approved by
          • R. Jones
          • E. Ajiodo
          • W. Saunders
          • R. Brown
          • W. Butler
          • F. Barrett
      • Review current draft Yates SAP
    • Dress Code 
      • Sweater purchased for each student / no more hoodies
      • Add joggers to bottom
    • School Discipline
      • Ms. Brown inquired about members of the discipline committee. Mrs. Square confirmed the following members
        • Alicea Robinson

          Velda Hunter

          Robert DeJohn

          Ronnie Morgan

          Donte Washington

      • Ms. Brown inquired about consequences related to an incident the day prior. Mrs. Square confirmed a referral was not received for one of them and considerations for consequences applied to other students. 
      • Mrs. Square will follow up with Ms. Roberts to schedule a discipline committee meeting. 
    • LPAC Committee
      • Ms. Brown advised we need to secure a different parent to serve on this committee.
    • Staffing Updates
    • Budget
      • budget will be posted here soon