• cynflyer

    What is Chinese New Year ?

    The lore of Chinese New Year is rich with symbolism and tradition. One popular legend recounts the tale of Nian, (which translates to 'year') a fearsome monster who terrorized villages at the beginning of each year, until the people discovered his aversion to the color red, bright lights, and loud noises. From then on, the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year have included these elements to ward off evil spirits. The festival centers around family reunions, paying respect to ancestors, and welcoming the coming year with auspicious foods and customs. Cleaning homes and settling debts before the new year symbolize clearing away the old to make way for fresh beginnings. Red envelopes filled with money, fireworks, and elaborate feasts are customary, while the Lantern Festival marks the culmination of the festivities with the glow of lanterns and the sweetness of tangyuan. The twelve zodiac animals, each representing a year in a twelve-year cycle, add another layer of meaning and anticipation to this cherished annual celebration.