Grades Taught: Spanish 1                            
    Conference Periods: 6th
    Email: mtamez@houstonisd.org
    Phone: 713-723-6015, ext. 436 Please call during conference period.
    My name is Martha Margarita Tamez. I’m in the “Language Other than English (LOTE)” team. I teach Spanish for non-natives.
    Professionally, language had taken me to the world of poetry, and poetry to the love of teaching. You can read about some of my lessons on the next links:
    I’m also an artist. A painter:
    But, what I like the most is happiness.
    BE ready to work hard to acquirer the Spanish Language.
    About the Spanish class:

    Students will speak; memorize the meaning of vocabulary words, register on their journals = portfolios their work, and participate enthusiastically because final test won’t be exempt for no one. They’ll must listen and comprehend conversations; Speak and write. Only with this portfolio, we will be able to demonstrate dedication & commitment. One must apply themselves one hundred percent if they are to be successful. Be positive “here and now”. Objectives are clear: students need to pass finals.
    Realidades is our main curriculum. In this website: http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com you will find marvelous activities with audio, examples, videos and other opportunities to learn. On the cover of the activity book or textbooks you can find http://www.PHSchool.com this site, will orientate the learning process. Please, take the time to share this rich experience in order to learn to compete in a growing bi-lingual society.
    They must be present in every class, pay attention, and do their work. If after these points they still need tutorials,LOTE department will be able to assist you Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in different classrooms through the year.

    Categories and weight for grading:
    Participation/ class work /memorization 40%
    Homework/ quizzes 10%
    Major test/ projects 35%
    Common assessment 15%
    Writing in Spanish RUBRIC







    4 paragraphs clearly organized and the required length. Used a variety of past tenses correctly

    4 paragraphs well organized and the required length. Used some of the past tenses correctly.

    4 paragraphs not well organized repeating and rewording the same content to meet the minimum 200 words.

    Students did not address the assignment by either using a present tense when past tense was required or the composition was not the required length.


    Completely comprehensible

    Comprehensible with some expressions requiring more detail for full understanding.

    Comprehensible but needs clarification.

    Barely comprehensible.


    Correct usage of grammar, especially imperfect and preterit.

    Mostly correct usage of grammar, especially imperfect and preterit.

    Several grammar errors in correct use of imperfect and preterit.

    Many grammar errors in both use and verb conjugation of errors in the imperfect and preterit.


    Wide variety of vocabulary.

    Variety of vocabulary used although several spelling errors.

    Basic vocabulary does not show upper level knowledge.

    Very limited vocabulary.


    On-time, typed, appropriate length.

    Not submitted at start of class but submitted typed by the end of the school day.

    Untyped but on time.

    Over one day late but submitted and typed.


    Libro de verbos conjugados (p.26-28)
    Perfoming the videohistoria (p. 52-53) and film
    RULES: Reglas en la clase de Español con Ms. Tamez
    1. Students must bring their portfolio (notebook, journals), text book, and the necessary supplies to perform well in class. BE PRESENT!
    2. Students must remain at their assigned desk until Ms. Tamez calls you to check your work
    3. Students should not eat or drink in class, nor mess their space. Be clean!
    4. Students must go on line PHSchool.com or https://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com and work on activities that will facilitate language acquisition, and test practice
    5. Students must concentrate while working on activities without hearing music or talking or texting because that’s not the way humans memorize new vocabulary, -SPANISH!
    6. Students must complete the uncompleted assignments as homework, and turn it on time or before 8:00 am or after 4:00 pm. Also if you need to speak with Ms. Tamez –DO NOT INTERRUPT
    7. Students must look on GradeSpeed for missing assignments or grades, -do not ask the teacher to do it for you. BE RESPONSIBLE!
    8. Students that had been absent must complete the missing assignments –go to GradeSpeed, and check on it, and always perform better.
    9. Students should study, memorize, do homework, and practice Spanish at home, in the library, or on their own. BE POSITIVE!
    10. Students should HONOR their education and their teachers
    11. Students should ask questions in class, during that period, and do not request other teachers to allow you to come to Ms. Tamez class –that is interrupting. DO NOT INTERRUPT!
    12. Only instructional items are to be on the desk.
    13. If there is an announcement listen with respect. Information is gold.
    14. Do not plug devices on the wall.
    Ah! recuerda:You can confidentially report incidents of bullying whether you are the victim or a witness to a bullying incident. Bullying is abuse not a conflict. Bullying is unacceptable.
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    INFORMATION for Ms. Tamez
    Each student must read the Syllabi and fill out the next information:
    Your name__________________________________________
    your e-mail_________________________________________
    Your cellphone___________________________
    Guardian or parent e-mail__________________________
    Guardian or parent cell phone_______________________
    Guardian or parent telephone at home_______________________
    No olvides: You can confidentially report incidents of bullying whether you are the victim or a witness to a bullying incident. Bullying is abuse not a conflict. Bullying isunacceptable.

    Have a nice year!