• RULES:   Reglas en la clase de Español con Ms. Tamez

     1.         Students must bring their portfolio (notebook, journals), text book, and the necessary supplies to perform well in class. BE PRESENT!

     2.         Students must remain at their assigned desk until Ms. Tamez calls you to check your work

     3.         Students should not eat or drink in class, nor mess their space. Be clean!

     4.         Students must go on line PHSchool.com or https://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com and work on activities that will facilitate language acquisition, and test practice

    5.         Students must concentrate while working on activities without hearing music or talking or texting because that’s not the way humans memorize new vocabulary, -SPANISH!
    6.         Students must complete the uncompleted assignments as homework, and turn it on time or before 8:00 am or after 4:00 pm. Also if you need to speak with Ms. Tamez –DO NOT INTERRUPT

    7.         Students must look on GradeSpeed for missing assignments or grades, -do not ask the teacher to do it for you. BE RESPONSIBLE!

    8.         Students that had been absent must complete the missing assignments –go to GradeSpeed, and check on it, and always perform better.

    9.         Students should study, memorize, do homework, and practice Spanish at home, in the library, or on their own. BE POSITIVE!

    10.       Students should HONOR their education and their teachers 

    11.       Students should ask questions in class, during that period, and do not request other teachers to allow you to come to Ms. Tamez class –that is interrupting. DO NOT INTERRUPT!

    12.       Only instructional items are to be on the desk.

    13.       If there is an announcement listen with respect. Information is gold.

    14.       Do not plug devices on the wall.