• After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Indiana University (with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in Biology) and with a deep passion for educational equality Lindsey joined Teach For America.  She began her career in education teaching 7th and 8th grade science in North Houston.  In the fall of 2006 Lindsey took a position with the Children’s Museum of Houston where she worked on exhibit and curriculum development for the recent Children’s Museum expansion.  It was through her work with the Children’s Museum that Lindsey discovered her passion in life was early childhood education.  Lindsey taught kindergarten for 5 years at an HISD school in The Heights and is now thrilled to be teaching Pre-Kindergarten at MCLIMS. 

    As an educator dedicated to individual student growth, Lindsey especially enjoys small-group guided reading instruction and seeing children experience the success, confidence, and joy that come with learning to read.  She also delights in the opportunity she has to share her own love of books with young students.  Like many teachers, Lindsey recognizes that her students give more to her than she will ever give to them.  She feels privileged to get to hear so many of their questions and insights, which are often humorous, but also poignant or wise.  In short, Lindsey is grateful to be surrounded by little people that inspire her everyday. In turn, Lindsey hopes to create an environment in which children remain highly curious about the world and grow to truly love learning in a way that will stick with them throughout their lives.  She also hopes to help them capture their early tendency to see differences between themselves and others not as obstacles to overcome but as things that make us special. 

    Lindsey has been the recipient of several Donors Choose and HISD ACP grants, which have provided for classroom equipment and learning materials.  She also spent several years co-facilitating a Critical Friends Group, which serves to retain, support, and develop second year teachers by fostering a community of educators committed to student excellence and thoughtful professional growth, using protocols developed by the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF).  In addition, she has served as a Teach For America Content Team Specialist.

    Lindsey and her husband have 3 much-loved dogs and a new kitten – all honorary mascots of Mrs. Smith’s class. In addition to teaching, reading, and pet spoiling, Lindsey loves to run and attend kickboxing class. 

    Mrs. Smith in Alaska  
    Mrs. Smith looking for whales in Alaska
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith