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Horace W. Elrod Elementary

Emerging Medical Scholars Magnet

Ms. Bowie

5th Grade Math Teacher
Email: abowie2@houstonisd.org 
Conference Period: 
 Educational Background
 - Chemical Engineering
 - C.E.L.T.A.  (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults)
 - A.C.P. Region IV
Texas Teaching Certifications:
   * Mathematics (4-8)
   * Bilingual Generalist (EC-4)
   * ESL (EC-12)
   * Secondary Spanish (6-12)
   * Bilingual Education (4-8)
 8 years as a member of the HISD team.
 4 years as a happy member of the ELROD Team,
Teaching Philosophy
I believe every child has the capability to learn and love math, and that as a teacher, I enter my classroom every day willing to help them achieve their personal goals and excel at them. Math is everywhere, and we need and use it for everything. My goal is to infect my students with my love of math, and to help them discover it in everyday situations.
Student Expectations:
I expect my students to be open to new learning, work hard, persevere and always do their very best.
  * Don't be absent.
  * Be Prepared.
  * Be on time.
  * Participate actively.
  * Do your homework.
  * Respect yourself and others.
  * Be a team player.
Conference Period
The 5th grade team is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 2:15 P.M. and 2:50 P.M.
Message to Students:
You can achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. Don't give up in your pursuit of excellence.I will be here to teach, guide and support you. Keep a positive attitude and don't be afraid to ask for help.
5th Grade Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote a culture of college-career readiness and high academic expectations for above grade level performance in a safe and nurturing environment that also promotes the health and medical sciences.

5th Grade Math

  1. Unit 1 
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