• “Excused College Visits”

    According to the student handbook, students can have 2 approved College visits during the fall and spring semesters of the junior and senior year can be coded as exempt under the attendance policy for final exam exemptions.  The student obtains advanced approval from their alpha Assistant Principal and returns to campus with a parent note for the excused absence and a dated letter on letterhead from college/university that was visited.


    For it to count as a “college visit” and not just as an excused absence the student must bring a note to his/her assistant principal prior to going on the trip.  The assistant principal should keep the note on file until the official documentation arrives. When the student returns from the visit they must bring a letter on college letterhead with the student’s name, date of the visit and signature of someone at the college back to the assistant principal for a signature. Then the letter should be sent to the attendance office no later than three days after the visit to be coded.