• Dear students and parents,

    This Wednesday, October 26, I will be participating in the Shadow a Student Challenge. I will be partnering with the Principals from the entire Bellaire Feeder Pattern as we commit to clear our calendars, silence our walkie-talkies, throw on sneakers, and immerse ourselves in student life for a day. We are each committed to improving the student experience at our school (and thus the entire feeder pattern) by better understanding the student perspective.

    So this Wednesday, do not treat me as your Principal.  Instead, I will be a student for the day from the first to the last bell.

    Students: I’m not there to watch your behavior. I will be sitting at a desk next to you, as one of your peers.

    Parents: I’m doing this because of my commitment to improve the student experience at our school.

    You can learn more about the Shadow a Student Challenge at shadowastudent.org. You can follow me on twitter at @m_squaredBHS to get updates on my experience.

    I look forward to joining this community of educators committed to rethinking the student experience – starting by walking in the shoes of a student.

    I appreciate your continued support.

    Enjoy the day,