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    Good afternoon,  


    I hope this message finds you and your family safe & healthy.  And if you are having a Covid experience, then I am hopeful the symptoms are mild and short-lived.  As you likely know, final exams are set for next week and many questions have been asked about how they might be handled due to our current health circumstances.  It’s my intent for the information below to be a strong resource and help ease any concerns you might have.  


    Mr. McDonough, what should be our priority right now?  The health of your child must be at the forefront.  If your child is confirmed positive or presumed positive, then they should be home and not at school.  It is important, for the health of everyone, that we all follow these expectations.  And no one should feel compelled to come to school with symptoms so that they may take a final exam.  


    What is the current schedule for final exams next week?

    Final Exam Schedule


    What percent of the overall semester grade is a final exam?  Beginning in Fall 2020, the HISD policy is that final exams make up 10% of the overall semester grade.  The three grading cycles make up 30% each for a total of 90% of the overall semester grade.  


    If my child cannot take a final exam next week, what opportunities will exist to make it up?  As a campus, we have agreed upon a near three-week window for students to make up their exam(s).  This range of time will run from January 19 - February 4, 2022.  Each student will organize a scheduled time with their teacher(s) to complete any missed final exam(s).  


    How is my report card potentially impacted if my child misses a final exam?  Great question!  The temporary impact on the report card is that for any student that misses a final exam, a grade of zero (0) is placed in the exam column.  As soon as the student has his final exam graded, the teacher will submit a grade change and the academic record will be updated. 


    If my son/daughter must stay home, what should we expect from the teachers?  Our faculty has committed to ensuring their individual HUB pages for each class are up-to-date and that our instructional protocols are followed.  The HUB would be the first place a student/parent consults should they need to isolate or quarantine.   


    So if our child has to miss final exams next week, who should they connect with first?  Under perfect circumstances, final exams can bring stress.  In order to be sure that no one slips through the cracks, consistent communication is critical.  Whether through email, Remind, or TEAMS, students should quickly reach out to their teacher(s).  


    After we’ve connected with the teachers, who else at the school should be notified?  You should email our attendance office (agayosso@houstonisd.org) and include a copy of the positive test result (if possible).  That office will then also notify our Nurse.  


    Where can we go for more information on the HISD policies regarding Covid?  The Ready Set Go plan continues to be updated as appropriate by the HISD.  Please start there and you can reach out to me with any other questions.