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     It’s time to start thinking about your senior yearbook portraits. Summer is a great time to get those taken care of so you can guarantee you’ll be included in the yearbook.
    Next year, CADY Studios will be the Bellaire portrait company. Here is a video that introduces CADY.
    A few important things:
    • You must take portraits through CADY in order to be included in the 2023 Carillon yearbook. You’ll have a choice between road shoots (two days CADY comes to Bellaire to photograph) or visiting their studio at Richmond and Wilcrest. Because the studio offers more options in terms of services, including backdrops and poses, and the limited number of on-campus spots, I strongly recommend you book a spot at the studio.
    • Please fill out this information form for CADY. This will allow them to send you appointment reminders, proofs and more. (While we did pass along the information the school has on file, we know you may have changed phone numbers or email addresses since then.)
    • For comparisons of the optional packages CADY offers, you can visit the Bellaire Carillon page dedicated to senior portraits. This page also has information on booking your portrait.
    • You will notice there is a sitting fee associated with taking your photo. This is in part to discourage no-shows, which we have had a huge problem with in the past. Students have booked and missed multiple appointments, then we run out of times when we get close to the portrait deadline. The GOOD news is this sitting fee is applied to any order that you place. (This wasn’t the case in the past.) You’ll receive a coupon code when you get your proofs. If this fee is going to cause a barrier to you getting your picture taken, please reach out to me ASAP.
    If you have any questions, please contact our yearbook sponsor Ms. Negri.
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