• If you have questions about transportation please contact Ms. Yin. 
    All Students Riding HISD Buses:
    Students who are attending their zoned schools of attendance and who reside two or more miles (as measured along the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads) from their assigned campuses are eligible for transportation services at district-designated stops
    All Bellaire students who qualify for transportation on a HISD school bus need to request transportation by clicking here. Students are assigned bus stops based off of the address in Chancery. We do not allow students to switch routes.
    All students riding an HISD bus to or from school must obtain a Bus Pass. Students should come to the Magnet Office (located in the library) during lunch  the second week of school to get a Bus Pass. If you have further questions you may call 713-295-3704.
    At the beginning of the year students can ride their bus without a pass with no issues. Once bus passes have been issued students will need to present them to the driver to ride the bus.  
    HISD's Bus HUB's and transportation information can be viewed here.  
    Parking Information:

    Parking around Bellaire is always problematic. HISD and Bellaire Police recommend that students and parents read and obey all signs accordingly, as the Bellaire Police do have cars towed regularly.


    The Bellaire High School Parking Garage is permitted parking only.

    The parking garage’s entrance is off Maple Street. Seniors will be given priority in a lottery system for a space in the garage. As space is available, Juniors may have an opportunity to enter a second lottery.  There will be a yearly parking permit fee of $180.00 (School Pay or Cash) for students wishing to use the school parking garage.


    Parking is available for authorized student vehicles on a first-come first serve basis. The speed limit in the garage is 10 mph, and traffic travels in both directions. Violations may result in the revocation of your parking permit without a refund.


    When purchasing a parking tag, a student must furnish:

    • His or her valid driver’s license;

    • Current proof of liability insurance for the vehicle(s) that the student will be driving, with the student listed as a covered driver


    Students may register an EZtag (or other Texas toll tags) for access or be provided a Bellaire parking tag. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed.


    While every reasonable attempt will be made to ensure parking lot security, the school cannot guarantee that incidents will not occur. Bellaire High School, therefore, assumes no responsibility for accidents or the loss of property in the Bellaire Parking Garage. All parking on campus is at the vehicle operator’s own risk.


    Security demands that students leave their vehicles immediately upon arrival in the parking lot. Students found in the parking lot during the school day without authorization are subject to disciplinary action.


    Students who park their cars on the city streets surrounding the school should carefully observe the City of Bellaire parking signs. 

    • Parking on side streets near Bellaire is by permit only; please observe all posted signs. Otherwise, the vehicle may be towed. Parking may be available before 8:00 A.M., between 9 A.M. and 1P.M., and after 2 P.M

    • Permit Parking in the Garage Only
    • Students who park on the side streets must abide by the City of Bellaire parking regulations. Cars illegally parked or in violation of regulations are towed at the owner’s expense.
    • When parking on adjacent streets, students must not block driveways and must respect the home property of the Bellaire High neighbors—no litter, no loud music, no fast or reckless driving on the neighborhood streets.



    • Visitor Parking, while phase 3 construction is completed, is on the roof of the garage.  Visitors must request access through the intercom system located at the entrance to the Parking Garage.