• Breakfast and Lunch Menus:                                                    
    See planned menus for the school year here.                                                                                                                                             
    Free and Reduced Lunch Applications:                                             

    Make sure your child doesn’t miss the opportunity to fuel their learning day with nutritious school meals. a You can quickly and conveniently complete an online meal application to see if your child qualifies for free or reduced price school meals. By completing the school meal application, you’re not only applying for important meal benefits for your child, you’re also helping your child’s school receive federal and state funding for other important programs such as low cost health insurance. Paper meal applications are available at the school business office but why not save time by applying online anytime. The online application process is faster which means your child can start enjoying meal benefits sooner.  Turn around time for paper applications is two weeks. Applying online speeds up the process.

    EVERYONE MUST complete an Application for Free / Reduced Lunch this year, even if you do not wish to apply or know you will not qualify. If you qualified last year, you must complete another application this year. Even if you know you will not qualify, please put your child(ren)’s name, parent signature, date, and the words, “Do not wish to participate” written across the middle section. 
    For information about the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, you can go to mealsense.org
    To apply for free and reduced lunch for your child, please visit this web site or pick up a form at the school business office. Online Application 

    Other benefits include:

    • free waivers to take the SAT / ACT
    • no charge for your first few college applications
    • reduced price internet service from Comcast
    • additional funding for the school
      If you have any questions, see Mr. Thornhill in the library on the second floor or e-mail him at  dthornhi@houstonisd.org
    Prepay Your Child's School Meals:

    HISD Food Services offers Parent Online, an on-line meal payment system for your child’s school meal purchases. You can conveniently prepay for your child’s meals using a credit card and avoid the hassles that can occur with cash handling. You can also manage your child’s nutrition online.

    Benefits include:

      • Viewing account balance and student purchase history
      • Receiving e-mail notification when account balance is low
      • Making optional hassle-free automatic payments
      • Paying anytime from any computer with internet access using a highly safe and secure website
      • Saying good-bye to lost or stolen money
      • Restricting the days your child can make a la carte purchases and setting a maximum number of a la cartepurchases allowed per day.

    Register an account for your child today. The system will ask for a username and password, school name, and student ID number. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Please note that there is a five percent convenience fee per transaction.

    When your child moves to another grade level or if your child moves to another school within HISD, their meal balances will follow them. Your Parent Online account login and password will still be valid as well.

    To  prepay your child's school meals follow the link below to access instructions. 
    ParentOnline - Meal payment system 
    HISD Food Services:
    For more information about HISD Food Services Programs follow this link to their web site.