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  •  Laurette Reynosa

    Orchestra Director


    The Bellaire High School Orchestra offers several different programs for students.

    Chamber Orchestra The  Chamber Orchestra is the entry level orchestra at Bellaire HS. No audition is required, although students must have some previous experience on a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass, or harp).

    Philharmonic Orchestra
    The Philharmonic is the Non-varsity level orchestra at Bellaire HS. Members are selected through an audition process. The Philharmonic is the highest level freshmen can attain.

    Piano classes are performance classes rather than piano labs. Students are selected by audition and perform a minimum of two solo recitals, as well as a chamber music recital with string ensembles, and orchestra accompaniments for the Spring Pops Concert.

    Sinfonia Orchestra
    The Sinfonia is the Varsity level orchestra at Bellaire HS. Its members are selected by audition and must have participated previously in orchestra at Bellaire for at least one year.
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