Below is the link to the HISD online enrollment process.

    Please make sure you upload the required documents listed below, including two forms of proof of residence. Bellaire requires two different documents for proof of residency.

    Please understand that not uploading the documents below will slow down the registration processing time and your child’s enrollment will be significantly delayed.

    You may be contacted by Bellaire staff via email if we need further information or documentation. Please make sure that you check your email daily. So please be sure that you gather the following documents before you begin.

    • 1 Student's Birth Certificate - Required
    • 2 Student's Social Security Card  - Optional
    • 3 Parent/Guardian Identification -  Required
    • 4 Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electric) only (NO other bill can be accepted) -  Required
    • 5 Lease (all signed pages) or HCAD property statement, or mortgage documents -  Required
    • 6 Report card and/or Transcript (the upload can be unofficial) - Required
    • 7 Immunization Records - Required
    • 8 Other school records; ARD, 504, or LEP paperwork -  Optional
    • 9 Medical records: allergies, diagnosis, current medical conditions. - Optional

    (Do not open any sealed school records as this will make them unofficial, you can upload your unofficial copies of school records and mail the sealed records to Bellaire High School 5100 Maple St Bellaire, Tx 77401)


    Name the uploaded documents exactly what they are with the students name at the end.


    Documentname_studentname Birthcertificate_JaneDoe


    You will receive an email confirmation once the enrollment has been processed with student information and next steps. Please understand that this process may take up to 14 days as we are processing hundreds of requests simultaneously and they are processed based on the submission date.


    Thank you, we look forward to working with you and your family and appreciate your patience during this time.