• SAT & ACT Information
    What is the SAT/ACT?
    The SAT and ACT are both college entrance exams that will be required if you plan to apply to any 4-year college or university. The SAT tests you on your math, critical reading, and writing skills. The ACT tests you on your math, science, critical reading, and writing skills. 
    Do I have to take both of these tests?
    No, you are only required to take one but some students choose to take both because you may receive a better score on one test over the other.
    What is the difference between the two tests?
    The SAT is a lot more vocabulary and critical reading based where is the ACT is more math and science based. ACT questions tend to be more straightforward and the SAT is more about strategical thinking in answers questions.
    How many times can I take these tests?
    You can take both tests as many times as you want but at Westbury you will get two waivers for each test, allowing you to take them for free.
    How do I get the fee waivers?
    Come to the Go Center (room 613) and we will give you a fee waiver and help you sign up for the test!  
    How do colleges get my SAT and/or ACT scores?
    When you sign up for your test you will want to make sure you send your your scores at the end of the registration. Click on SEND SCORES and it will allow you to send your scores to up to 8 colleges. Make sure to do this when you register because they may charge you if you want to go back and send it to them later. 
    What if I have more questions about these tests?
    Come to the GO CENTER in Room 613!!  
    SAT Registration: sat.collegeboard.org 
    ACT Registration: www.actstudent.org