Continue College Planning:

    1. Continue researching colleges and careers. Narrow your options down to your top schools.  
      College Search: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/
      5 Steps to Creating a College List
    2. Keep taking those challenging courses; it's not too late to get into a PRE - AP class. 
      Read this RICE article to see how AP classes and college readiness correlate
    3. Prepare for the PSAT. (This is given to everyone in Houston ISD students in their sophomore and junior year.) JUNIOR YEAR COUNTS especially for National Merit Awards.
      Click here for PSAT prep information
    4. Need/want credit?  Talk to your counselor about credit recovery, summer school or dual credit.
    5. Stay active! Continue to participate in school organizations or clubs, also look for community services opportunities.
    6. Speak to your parents about how much college costs. Meet with your College Readiness counselor to see how much college will cost.                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         What can I do now to prepare to apply to colleges?

    1.  Get familiar with general college entrance requirements.

    2.  It's also time to start checking out college fairs and meeting with college counselors when they come

         to Westbury. Start investigating schools by attending one fair and a session or two with

         representatives at school.       

    3. Volunteer with one or two organizations. Stay committed to them. Colleges want COMMITMENT to   

         one or two organizations. 

    4.  Stay involved with school activities but look for a way to become a leader within that activity.

         Schools want commitment AND leadership.    

     Academic Scholarships: Keep your grades up, take SAT subject tests, & prepare for the PSAT.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
     Community Service  Scholarships: Your volunteer and community efforts show who you are and what you value.
    • Document extracurricular or summer activities.
    • Keep your records in one place. (If you are required to submit these to a sponsor, make a copy for yourself)
    • Stay involved in one or two community service organizations. Colleges want to see commitment to one or two organizations.