• Senior College Timeline
    General Things 
    • Review your class schedule with your dean to ensure you meet all college preparatory and graduation requirements.
    • Attend the college fair and college visits at Westbury
    • Visit college campuses. Attend events for high school students at the colleges you are interested in.   
    • Explore careers and job opportunities in those careers. 
    Early Fall
    • Gather application information to the schools you are considering (note deadlines for admission, scholarships, financial aid, housing)
    • Begin the college application process in August
    • Think about teachers or other adults that could write you letters of recommendation
    • Take the SAT/ACT in October and send your scores to the colleges you are applying to    
    • Keep checking in with the Go Center to stay up to date on the latest scholarships
    • Apply for admission to colleges no later than December
    • Call to verify or check online account that the college received your materials
    • Apply for scholarships that the colleges you are applying to offer
    • Start talking to your parents about financial aid 
    • Apply for your financial aid (FAFSA/TASFA) no later than spring break-- the earlier the better!
    • Come to the Go Center to get information on local scholarships
    • Apply for housing
    • Take AP Tests
    • Visit college campuses of those you are really interested in
    • It's time to make a decision!
    As soon as you choose a school
    • Apply for housing (if you haven't already done so)
    • Accept/decline financial aid 
    • Get familiar with your college and what you will need when you get there 
    Summer before School
    • See an academic sdvisor at the university of college you will attend, then register early.
    • Attend a summer orientation program.
    • Make a list of what you will need to take to college
    • Work out a financial aid plan or budget for your freshmen year