Welcome to Gymnastics


    Gymnastics Classes

    Gymnastics classes will be divided by skill levels. Beginner/Intermediate, and Advanced. Students will begin the year with a basic "Introduction to Pershing" gymnastics class.  After mastering vocabulary basics and safety standards/gym policies & procedures, we roll into warm ups, stretching, flexibility, strength, and basic gymnastics skills. All students will go through a skills evaluation to determine gymnastics levels. Once levels are determined, we will begin working on floor skills and routines. From floor we will move on to the uneven bars to finish off the first semester. All students will be required to create and perform a gymnastics routine for the mid term exam. 

    Beginning Gymnastics

    Open to 6thand 7th graders. There is no tryout for this class. This class is for students with little or no previous gymnastics experience and wants to learn gymnastics. You will learn the gymnastics safety rules, terminology, and learn the following skills; various rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back bends and kickovers on the mats. Various beginning vaults, swings and hip circles on the bars, and beginning beam and dance steps.

    Intermediate Gymnastics

    Students must tryout for this class. This class is for students who have learned the gymnastics safety rules, terminology, and accomplished the beginning gymnastic skills mentioned above. You will learn the following skills: Front and back limbers/walkovers, headsprings and handsprings, flip flops if capable, mill circles, front hip circles, glide kips, mushroom circles, various vaults, and other intermediate equipment skills.

    Advanced Gymnastics

    Students must tryout for this class. This is for level 6 and up gymnasts. These gymnasts can perform advanced routines on all the equipment and can perform roundoff-flip flop-back flip. You will perform/improve skills from competition routines. You will have an opportunity to perform in a show.