• Pershing MS Magnet Guitar Audition Requirements



    Students will take part in a group lesson which will conclude with a test of understanding.No experience is necessary. During the lesson, students will be taught to:

    1. Read and speak basic written and performed rhythms.
    2. Hear, recognize and write basic performed rhythms.

    At the end of the lesson, students will be tested for what they have learned. The test will consist of an at-sight rhythm reading performance,  and a rhythm dictation.

    • Evaluation will be 30% for performance, 30% Dictation, 40% overall engagement, participation, and enthusiasm.


    Parents are invited and strongly urged to observe!


    Intermediate (Concert) Guitar


    Acceptance into Concert Guitar will be based on a student's ability to satisfy what students in Beginner Guitar will have learned by the end of their first year. These include:

    1. Ability to read and play all the notes including A, B, C, D, E F, F#, on all strings in first position up to A at the fifth fret of the E string.
    2. Demonstration of good right and left hand classical guitar technique.This will include an ability to demonstrate the following:
      1. Rest Stroke (Apoyando) single notes.
      2. Free Stroke (Tirando) Dyads (two notes at once.)
      3. Free stroke thumb strokes.
      4. Alternating index and middle fingers.
      5. Alternating thumb and index/middle finger.
      6. Correct posture for classical guitar.


    1. One-octave C major and G Major scale.
    2. One set Audition piece: Leyenda OR Perpetual Motion.
    3. Student’s choice of one prepared piece of music.


    Studio Guitar (Advanced)

    All of the criteria for Concert Guitar plus more advanced techniques. As well, students will demonstrate an enthusiasm for guitar and a drive for excellence in their playing.



    1. One octave Major scales: upper octave E, F, G and lower octave A .
    2. One octave Minor A, E, D ( Melodic form)
    3. Two Octave scales with position shift for C and D Major. D Minor*
    4. One  octave Arpeggios: C, G, D, A Major.
    5. Right hand arpeggiation figures: p i m; p i m i; p m i m
    6. An ability to play thumb and finger at the same time.
    7. Ability to play slurs (hammer-ons and pull-offs)


    Required Audition pieces (choose one)


    Audition Material


    In addition:

    • Student’s choice of one prepared song.