Welcome to the Classical Guitar Program at Pershing


    Classical Guitar classes at Pershing are dedicated not only to introducing students to the instrument, but also on cultivating musical literacy by emphasizing classical technique, reading and writing music, repertoire study, and performance. Students are introduced to a wide variety of musical styles from renaissance to modern, and engage deeply with the techniques, vocabulary, and musical forms associated with each style. Students learn to read and write both standard musical notation and guitar tablature for use during performances and independent practice. Through out the course of the year students participate in a wide variety of school concerts in addition to other concerts around the community. Classical Guitar offers students an outlet for musical expression by equipping them with musical skills applicable to many other instruments. The curriculum is based on the Music Sub Section of the Texas Fine Arts TEKS - http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter117/ch117b.html. Students are grouped into three levels corresponding to beginner, intermediate, and advanced.