Welcome to the Classical Guitar Program at Pershing

  • Thank you for considering the Pershing Classical Guitar Program. I am delighted to welcome you and am proud to be a part of one of the best Middle School Guitar programs in Texas!

    This is the beginning of an exciting journey that you and your child might not even imagine possible. I am constantly astonished with what children are capable of. Through rigorous training and consistently high expectations, students from our program consistently excel as players and are placed automatically into more advanced groups in high school. Each year brings another generation of potential stars, and it is my privilege to guide them to reach their full potential.


    All students are taught to play classical style. This is because it is driven by a technique which gives them the skills to branch out into any style of music they want. It is also most closely aligned to the expectations set down by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Also, I am a classical guitarist, and it’s what I do best.


    Beginner Guitar

    Beginners are welcome and encouraged to audition! Most incoming guitar students are beginners. The first year is the most important as it is where students learn all the fundamental skills necessary to advance. By the end of this year, students will be able to play most notes in first position, have acquired essential foundational skills in using the right and left hands, and be able to read and play simple pieces of music. Guitar is a large ensemble course, and we have two concerts per year: Winter and Spring.


    Incoming students can audition into more advanced classes. For more information on entry requirements, go to the Audition Requirements page.


    Concert Guitar (Intermediate) Audition only


    The audition requirements are based on what has been presented in the Beginner class. During this year, students will build on their knowledge and mastery of guitar playing and music literacy. Music becomes more challenging and more exciting. More advanced techniques are introduced, and more complex solo repertoire is explored. Students learn to play in higher positions on the fretboard and become more familiar with the expressive range of the instrument through special techniques and coloristic effects.


    Studio Guitar (Advanced) Audition only


    Audition requirements are based on what will have been learned in Concert Guitar. Students in Studio have demonstrated not only technical ability, but an enthusiasm for guitar and are motivated to excellence. Students can learn more challenging techniques and build speed and facility in their playing. They learn more about the “rules” of music: Harmony, scales, rhythm.