Welcome to Orchestra at Pershing!

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    Welcome to Pershing Orchestra, a part of the Pershing Strings program. My name is Dr. Russell Sarre, and I am the Director of the Orchestra program. Thank you for considering Pershing as a school for your child. Playing in an orchestra is a fantastic experience. Children become immersed in a world of beautiful sounds and music and learn responsibility as an individual player in a team environment.It is important that your child is equipped for the journey they are about to start. That means they need an instrument at home. Practice for us is our homework, but we love our homework! Students will present at least 2 after-school rehearsals each year. These are required, as are the occasional after-school rehearsals.  I know that children are capable of achieving extraordinary things! I believe that if the bar of excellence is kept high, children will reach for it. No child ever failed because of high expectations. It is an exciting journey; I hope we can make it together!



    Every journey needs a beginning. We welcome students who need no prior training in orchestra.  The focus of this class is on the fundamentals of string playing.  By the end of the first year, students will have an understanding of the techniques of playing and reading music on their chosen instrument – Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double Bass. When possible, Sinfonia will participate in the Sub Non Varsity at UIL Concert and Sight Reading.


    Upper Level - Chamber/Sinfonia Orchestra

    The students in an upper level orchestra will focus on strengthening the fundamentals of string playing, including posture, understanding music notation, tone development, ensemble skills and fluency in first position and developing upper position playing.  Sinfonia players will participate in UIL events at the Non-varsity level; Chamber players participate at the Varsity Level.



    • At least one year of previous experience is required for these intermediate level groups. 
    • Able to read and play music appropriate to a student who has completed at least Book 1 of Essential Elements for Orchestra.
    • Able to tune their own instrument (“Big Peg” tuning will be taught in this class)
    • Commitment to playing in an orchestra and following the directions of the Conductor.