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     Theatre 1Y – 3Y

    This course is designed as a performance based survey course for fulfilling a fine arts credit.  Students will be engaged in a variety of performance tasks, utilize critical thinking skills to explore and evaluate through character/self/script analysis, and increase mastery level of the spoken word for the stage and public speaking.  Students will refine their social/interpersonal skills through project-based learning activities, and gain confidence through the creative process, self-evaluation, and peer evaluation.

    Topics covered are pantomime, theatre speech, improvisation, theatre history, technical theatre, acting, analysis, and Shakespeare.

    ***No Pre-requisite***

    Theatre – AD (Intermediate Theatre)

    This course focuses on a greater understanding of producing a play from its inception.  We will perform our way through history (Ancient Greek Theatre – Present) focusing on the most notable genres. Students will continue to be engaged in a variety of playwriting and performance tasks; they will utilize critical thinking skills to explore and evaluate through character/self/script analysis, and increase mastery level of the spoken word/Dialects.  (Dialects include, but are not limited to: Regional American dialects, British, and Irish)

    ***Audition/Teacher Approval Only***  

    Advanced Theatre

    Students in this course will focus on the works of well-known theatre practitioners and devise scenes, monologues, pantomimes, and other styles of performance art in the style of those practitioners. We will cover advanced acting concepts and exercises that will enhance performance, as well as, viewpoints and approaches to directing a play.

    ***Audition/Teacher Approval Only***  

    Introduction to Technical Theatre 

    The course focuses on beginning stage craft techniques that are the foundation for technical theatre. The objective of this course is to introduce the student to the fundamental elements and principals of technical theatre through hands-on learning. Students will learn the functions of the creative team, production staff, technicians and stage crew. Basic elements of scenic construction, design concepts, theatrical lighting, sound technologies, and stage management will be introduced and assessed through practical application. Through projects and onstage productions, students gain the confidence and technique needed to become a skilled technician. 

    ***Audition/Teacher Approval Only***  

    Advance Technical Theatre

    The course is an exploration of the duties of an experienced stage technicians and their contribution to the total aesthetic effect of a dramatic production. Topics covered will include design research and application of: scene shop organization; painting and construction techniques; equipment use and maintenance; application of sound, lighting, and computer technology; the use of special effects; costume and makeup; publicity and business management;  theatre safety; and the function of technical stage personnel with onstage production work.  

    ***Audition/Teacher Approval Only***