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    Theatre Appreciation (Intro to Theatre or Beginner Theatre)

     - 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade 

     - This course is designed to be a comprehensive exploration through all Theatre has to offer while fulfilling a fine arts credit. Students will be engaged in a variety of performance tasks, utilize critical thinking skills and increase mastery of the spoken word for the stage and public speaking. Students will refine their social and interpersonal skills through project-based learning activities, and gain confidence through the creative process, self-evaluation, and peer evaluation. The course will enhance and cultivate the creative gifts of each student while encouraging a sense of self-confidence.


    Intro to Technical Theatre 

     - 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade 

     - In this course we will focus on beginning stage craft techniques that are the foundation for technical theatre. The objective is to introduce the student to the fundamental elements and principles of technical theatre through hands-on project-based learning. Students will learn the functions of the creative team, production staff, technicians and stage crew. Basic elements of construction, design concepts, lighting and sound technologies, advertising and stage management. Students will gain the confidence and technique needed to become a skilled technician.


    Technical Production

     - 7th or 8th Grade ***Prerequisite: Tech I or Audition/Teacher Approval Only***

     - The course is an exploration of the duties of stage technicians and their contribution to the total aesthetic effect of a production. The students in this class will also get the opportunity to design for the main stage shows! Topics covered include design research and application of painting and construction techniques, programing & designing sound and lighting, the use of special effects, costume and makeup, publicity and stage management. We will also prep students for high school and professional work by assembling portfolios and resumes.


    Musical Theatre 

     - 7th or 8th Grade - ***Prerequisite: Theatre I/Dance I/Choir I or Teacher Approval Only***

     - In this course we will explore Musical Theatre through the workshop process with several performance opportunities. Students will survey many facets of musical theatre through performance and research. The course will also provide an atmosphere in which students benefit from a teaching and learning experience in these performance disciplines of Broadway-style Musical Theatre. Through performing, viewing, and analyzing musical theatre productions, students will have a greater understanding of what makes an effective musical performance while developing acting, vocal, and movement skills. The course will enhance and cultivate the creative gifts of each student while encouraging a sense of self-confidence.

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