Welcome to Band at Pershing!

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    The Pershing Middle School Band offers a level for every student interested in learning a band instrument.  We offer Beginning Woodwind, Brass and Percussion classes.  The band program also has advanced groups for experienced players, including a concert band, Jazz Band and Symphonic Band. The band program performs at a variety of different venues throughout the year, including UIL contests and competitions.  The Concert Band and Symphonic Band consistently receive outstanding ratings at festivals and the Jazz Band has received numerous awards, including outstanding Jazz Ensemble at the Blinn Jazz Festival.  In prior years, we have performed at and participated in the  Waltrip Band Festival, Branson, Missouri Music Showcase, Region Band, HISD Solo and Ensemble, HISD City Band, Six Flags Band Competition, Pershing Fine Arts Showcase and the PTO Bookfair. 


    Beginning Band

    The Beginning Band is for students who have no experience playing an instrument of their and/or the director's choice. Students will be placed into one of three classes: Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion. These classes are for setting a foundation for musical competence and allowing mastery of techniques as they grow into mature musicians. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn new skills that they can carry into the future!


    Wind Ensemble

    The Wind Ensemble is the intermediate ability group. This ensemble performs multiple times a year at concerts and other events. Students in this ensemble have been playing for 1 or more years and have the necessary fundamentals to play in a group of other students at the same level as them. As this is a developing ensemble, there will be music that pushes their ability level so they can master more skills and become quality musicians by the end of the school year.


    Wind Symphony

    The Wind Symphony is the advanced ability group. This ensemble performs at all events throughout the school year, including Spaghetti supper, All-City/Region events, UIL events, and more. Students in this ensemble have been playing for 1 or more years and display a high level of dedication and musicianship. Should you be selected to be a part of this ensemble, be prepared to learn at a fast and challenging pace. This ensemble has received Superior markings consistently in the past and continues to grow in all of the necessary skills for a young professional musician!


    Jazz Band

    The Jazz Band is a band of students who want to explore more contemporary styles of music from Swing, Blues, Bebop, Funk, Latin Jazz, and more. Students are chosen to be a part of this ensemble by the director. No Jazz experience is needed, but it is helpful prior to being a part of it. Students also learn Jazz theory and improvisational skills that are needed to play Jazz.