Creative Writing

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    Lori Miller, Creative Writing Teacher










    Brittny Crowell, Creative Writing Teacher






    Creative WritingCreative Writing

    This course is designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively. My goal as the teacher of this course is to encourage you to love writing and to guide you as you hone your craft. This class is the beginning for you to be a poet, novelist, a story teller, screenplay writer, or whatever you choose to become as a writer. There will be many options presented to you to explore the different writing genres. All students will have a portfolio at the end of the year that includes their final project collection.

    Advanced Creative Writing

    This course is designed for students with a strong writing background. Advanced Creative Writing students have previously auditioned and been selected to participate in this course. Students will have the same curriculum as other classes; however, all projects will include more depth, complexity, and length. Students will have an in-school workshop during the year with a local published author as well as other writing opportunities. Advanced students are strongly encouraged to attend the annual Creative Writing Fine Arts  field trip as well as present one of their works in a formal reading at Rice University.