• Dear Parents,                                                                              

    Welcome to the 2nd grade program at MIMS!  We look forward to a very exciting year learning Mandarin Chinese while covering the content areas for HISD second graders.  The teachers have planned many engaging activities for the coming school year and we can’t wait to get started! 


    Our curriculum is outlined in great detail through HISD’s implementation of the TEKS. All second graders are required to learn the same material.  Ms. Qiu and Mr. Chin will be teaching the subjects of Literacy, Math and Science in the Chinese Mandarin language. Ms. Butler and Ms. Espinoza will be teaching Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies in English.  The Math and Science objectives covered in the Mandarin classrooms will be reinforced in the English classrooms through daily review lessons.


    It will be a challenge both for your child and for us to cover so much material in two languages!  We know that if we all work together, your child will have a successful and exciting year!  Welcome aboard!