Title Description Link
    Logging Into Naviance Learn how to access the Naviance portal and login using your unique username and password. Watch Now
    Viewing Your Academic Background Information Learn how to access your GPA, PSAT, SAT, and AP scores through Naviance Watch Now
    Communicating Through Naviance Learn how to send messages to your counselor or teacher in Naviance and how to read messages sent to you Watch Now
    Building a Resume Learn how to draft a resume using Naviance Watch Now
    Viewing Assigned Tasks Learn how to view tasks assigned to you by your teachers or counselors Watch Now
    Researching Colleges Learn how to research colleges using the SuperMatch feature in Naviance or by browsing information on thousands of colleges. Watch Now
    Signing up for College Visits or Events Learn about and sign up for different college related events organized by your school and/or the district. Watch Now
    Tracking Your College Applications Learn how to update the 'Colleges I'm Applying To' list Watch Now
    Requesting Recommendation Letters Learn how to request a letter of recommendation for one or all colleges of interest, as well as how to delete a request. Watch Now
    Linking Common App Account to Naviance Account Learn how to match your Common App account to your Naviance account Watch Now
    Requesting a Transcript Learn how to request a transcript Watch Now
    Using the Scholarship Search Feature Learn how to use the scholarship search feature in Naviance Watch Now
    Finding Enrichment Programs Learn how to find enrichment programs using Naviance Watch Now
    Naviance Student Overview Get the opportunity to review navigation via a mobile device and access a foundational tour of each of the Naviance Student sections. The video has interactive navigation throughout, allowing you to control your watching experience Watch Now