• The HISD Transportation Department has posted the bus routes online for easy access. 
    Click on Find My Route for your student's route information. You should have received a call-out and email, with your child's individual bus route from Houston ISD Transportation Services.  If you did not, make sure the school has the correct contact information for your student.
    1. Type in your address and select YATES HS from the drop down menu.
    2. Press SEARCH.
    3. The tool will show your nearest route, with bus numbers, pick-up and drop off times.
    4. To ride the bus on the first day of school, please arrive to the pick up point at the scheduled time.

    Personalized badges will be provided to all bus riders.  Students must have their badges everyday and will need to scan their badge every time they get on and off the bus.  Scanning the badge helps track where students are.


    If a student loses a badge, a replacement will have to be requested here.  The cost to replace the badge is $5 and will be paid to the HISD Transportation Department, not the school. For more information about the Student Badge Program click here.