How To Get My Refund For Senior Dues?


     To get a refund for your Senior Dues please do the following:


    Email Carolyn Travis at  In your email to Mrs. Travis please Include the following:

    1. Student’s name
    2. Receipt number/numbers 
    3. Total amount Paid. Your total should not include money submitted from chocolate sales.
    4. Who to make check payable to?
    5. Correct mailing address including apartment number and zip code


    • If you do not have a receipt number, submit all other information in email.
    • The district will issue your refund check, so please ensure who to make check payable is correct.
    • There will be NO refund of Chocolate sales. Chocolates were purchased by the school to assist students with lowering their balance for senior dues. 


    For more detailed information, please continue to visit for additional information and updates.