BASEBALL Steve Henderson
    BASKETBALL Dameyean Dotson
    BASKETBALL Joe Young
    BASKETBALL McCoy McLemore
    BASKETBALL Michael Young
    BASKETBALL Monica Lamb
    BASKETBALL Rickie Winslow
    FOOTBALL Al Dotson
    FOOTBALL Albert Fontenot
    FOOTBALL Aubrey Beavers
    FOOTBALL Blaine Smith
    FOOTBALL Bo Farrington
    FOOTBALL Damion Square
    FOOTBALL Dexter Manley
    FOOTBALL Doug Greene
    FOOTBALL Elvis Patterson
    FOOTBALL Grady Cavness
    FOOTBALL Harold Bailey
    FOOTBALL Jerald Moore
    FOOTBALL Jerrell Franklin
    FOOTBALL John Roper
    FOOTBALL Johnny Bailey
    FOOTBALL Mike Lewis
    FOOTBALL Orie Lemon
    FOOTBALL Phillip James
    FOOTBALL Quintin Smith
    FOOTBALL Reggie Phillips
    FOOTBALL Robert Miller
    FOOTBALL Sammie Taylor
    FOOTBALL Santana Dotson
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