• Classroom Management Plan



    My Commitment

    ·         I am committed to making my classroom a safe and positive environment.

    ·         I am committed to motivating my students and keeping their interest by creating and maintaining a challenging curriculum.

    ·         I am committed to getting to know my students and interacting with them in a positive and professional manner.

    ·         I am committed to encouraging all students to actively participate in my classroom so that they can learn from each other as well as me.


    Campus Guidelines

    1.      (Westbury’s 45/20 Rule: In an effort to maximize the instructional setting during the first 45 minutes or the last 20 minutes of any class. Students should take care of all their personal needs before class, during their lunch period, or after school unless it is an emergency. This is non-negotiable.)

    2.      The school’s dress code and ID policy are strictly enforced. Students are not permitted to remain in class out of dress code and/or without an appropriate school ID.

    3.      Cell phones, MP3 players, IPods, CD players, or any other type of electronic device are not permitted during class time. Any student caught violating this rule will have his/her device confiscated and held to the end of the school day or turned in to his/her administrator.

    Student Rights

    1.       Students have the right to be in a safe, supportive environment.

    2.      Students have the right to learn.

    3.      Students have the right to be respected.

    4.      Students have the right to be heard.


    Student Expectations

    1.      Be in our assigned seat and prepared to work when the tardy bell rings. Be prepared to start class immediately upon entering the classroom and remain on task throughout period. (The bell does not dismiss students from class; the teacher does. Students are to remain seated until given permission to exit room daily.)

    2.      Be productive, actively engage in class discussions. (Nothing beats a failure but a try. Rather than giving up before you even try, give yourself a chance)

    3.      Be a polite and positive participant. No profanity or offensive language, comments, or behavior. Speak in a normal tone of voice. Listen attentively. Students are encouraged to refrain from talking during school announcements. (Includes no excessive talking unless involved in class/group discussion.)

    4.      Be a problem solver. Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.

    5.      Follow directions the first time given. Ask questions if you need further assistance.

    5.      Respect will be practiced in this room at all times to self, peers, and teachers(s). Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking. Respect also includes respecting the rights and property of others.

    6.      Abstain from eating, drinking, chewing gum, and personal grooming in classroom.

    7.      Place all discarded paper in the trash can before exiting the room.

    8.      Students are expected to submit original work on all assignments. Cheating of any sort (sharing answers, copying test questions/answers, verbal or nonverbal communication during quiz or test) is unacceptable. Any student caught cheating will be given a zero for the assignment, quiz, or test.


    Positive Consequences

    The above student expectations are minimum requirements for maintaining a safe and positive learning atmosphere in this classroom.  Benefits of meeting/exceeding the above guidelines include but are not limited to:

    ·         Increased instructional time.

    ·         Allows for further, in depth explanation of concepts covered.

    ·         Additional class time to complete assignments and/or activities.


    Corrective Measures

    Failure to comply with Student Expectations will result in the following action steps:

    ·         1st Offense - Verbal warning.

    ·         2nd Offense - Verbal or written warning and phone call home. Student must complete first contract. (Appendix A)

    ·         3rd Offense – Detention (lunch or after school) and phone call home. Student will also receive a class conduct cut. Seating reassignment depending on the violation. (Student must complete second contract. (Appendix B)

    ·         4th Offense – Parent/teacher conference.

    ·         5th Offense – Discipline Referral to counselor and/or administrator. Student will also receive a class conduct cut.


    Note: Each discipline situation is unique. Consequences may change depending on the situation. Severe disruptions will result in immediate student removal and a referral to the appropriate counselor and/or administrator.


    Attendance Expectations

    ·         Students are responsible for obtaining missed assignments during absences.  Students who are absent from Ms. Bradley’s class, but not truant, will have the number of days absent plus one additional day to make up missed work.  Arrangements can be made with Ms. Bradley if more time is needed.

    ·         If a student is truant from class, the student can make up work for 85% credit through arrangements made by the student at his or her initiative.  Students must make arrangements within two (2) days of the truancy.  If the student fails to complete the work according to the arrangements made, he or she will receive a zero on all missed assignments and tests.




    Ms. Bradley reserves the right to revise the discipline plan if it is not providing a positive learning atmosphere.



    Appendix A


    Today’s Date:             ____________________________________________________________


    Student’s Name:         ____________________________________________________________


    Student ID Number:   ____________________________________________________________


    Course Name: __________________________________________________ Period: _________


    Brief Description of Offense:








    Student Responses


    How are we to treat each other?







    How is the teacher to treat us?







    How are we to treat the teacher?







    How do we want to be taught?






     Appendix B


    Today’s Date:             ____________________________________________________________


    Student’s Name:         ____________________________________________________________


    Student ID Number:   ____________________________________________________________


    Course Name: __________________________________________________ Period: _________


    Brief Description of Offense:








    Student Responses


    What did you do wrong that broke the class contract?






    What were you thinking/feeling when you did this?






    Identify two ways you could you have responded differently.







    What will you do next time?