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  • 2024 Coverage Cost Comparison

  • 2023 Coverage Cost Comparison

  • Cigna DHMO and Discount Plans

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    New Rates for 2024

    Based on 24 pay periods

    Employee: $7.61
    Employee + Spouse: $14.47
    Employee + Child(dren): $14.47
    Employee + Family: $18.60

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    An in-network dentist coordinates your care
    With this plan, you must use Cigna Dental's DHMO network of dentists for your care. You also coordinate your care through one primary care dentist (PCD). Out-of-network treatment is never covered. In the case of an emergency, only the evaluation will be covered out of network.

    • When you sign up for this plan, Cigna assigns you a primary care dentist (PCD) close to your home who coordinates your care. You can change your PCD at any time through Cigna.
    • Your plan fully covers most preventive care, such as routine checkups and cleanings. You and your covered dependents can receive one cleaning every six months, free of charge.
    • There are no deductibles to pay or claim forms to file. You simply pay the set copays when you receive covered services.
    • If you need specialty dental care, excluding pediatric or orthodontic, your PCD will refer you to a network specialist.
    • Only an emergency evaluation will be covered out of network, and it requires prior administrator approval from Cigna. The actual treatment is not covered.
    • You can use any remaining funds in your health care flexible spending account to pay copays.

    The myCigna mobile app lets you find a dentist, review your coverage, calculate costs, and view, fax or email ID information on your phone or tablet.

    Helpful resources
    To change your PCD, obtain prior approval, or find help of any kind, call Cigna customer care at 800-CIGNA24 (800-244-6224), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or visit the Cigna website.

    The change becomes effective the first of the following month. If you make the change prior to the 15th of a month, Cigna lets your PCD know. If you make the change after the 15th and have an appointment scheduled for the following month, your PCD may need to contact Cigna to verify the change.

    Your PCD's name is printed on the card, but if you change your election, you can request a new card or a letter confirming the change.

    Click here to see if your preferred dentist is in the Cigna network.  

    Take some time and look at the information on the schedules listed under Dental Benefits. Or call your HISD dental onsite to assist you with questions. His name is Edward Garza and you can reach him at 713-556-8207 or via email:

    For information on Cigna Dental Virtual Care view this PDF.