Discount Dental

  • No premiums, deductibles or claims to file:

    • This option is provided free of charge for employee-only coverage and is available for a per-paycheck premium for all other coverage levels.
    • You can see any QCD of America provider for your care without a referral. Just give the provider your membership ID number when you make an appointment, and take your card with you.
    • You don’t pay deductibles, file claim forms or have restrictions for pre-existing conditions or number of visits.
    • You pay set fees for select services and receive a 20% discount for other services
    • There’s no coverage for out-of-network care. If you choose not to use a QCD provider, you pay full price.
    • QCD of America guarantees the QCD fee schedule. If your dentist’s bill doesn’t match it, call QCD immediately.

Rates per pay period

Based on 24 pay period

Employee: $0.00
Employee + Spouse: $4.00
Employee + Child(dren): $4.00
Employee + Family: $6.00

Annual deductible

Individual: N/A
Family: N/A
Orthodontia: N/A

Annual benefit maximum

Annual maximum benefit: Unlimited

Covered benefits

Preventive and diagnostic care: $5-$75
Basic care: $16-$350
Major care: $15-$420
Implants & related procedures: N/A


QCD general dentist
Child: $2,200
Adult: $2,400
QCD Ortho: 20% discount