Cigna Discount Dental

  • New Rates for 2024

    Based on 24 pay periods

    Employee: $2.50
    Employee + Spouse: $5.00
    Employee + Child(dren): $5.00
    Employee + Family: $5.00

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    There are two coverage levels – employee only or employee plus family. Employee only will be $2.50 per pay period, and employee plus family will be $5 per pay period. 

    To see what this plan provides, what fees for services will be, who the providers are, and additional benefits this program offers, visit or call 1-877-521-0244. 

    You cannot log on to for this program. All current members will be mapped to the new plan to ensure that dental coverage is in place for 2021. If you do not want this plan, please go online or call the Benefits Service Center at 1-877-780-4473.