How a leave of absence can affect your benefits

  • Paid leave of absence
    Your benefits continue during your leave.

    Family medical leave of absence
    If your leave is covered by the Family Medical Leave Act, you can terminate or maintain your benefits during your leave. If you terminate your benefits, they will be reinstated at the same coverage levels when you return to work.

    Military service leave of absence
    The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) protects your benefits if you leave your job to perform military service. You can maintain health insurance coverage for you and your dependents up to 24 months while in the military. If you choose to terminate health insurance coverage during your service, you can reinstate it when you're reemployed without any waiting period or pre-existing condition restrictions.
    Other unpaid leave of absence
    If you take an unpaid leave of absence like a personal leave, your benefits end and you become eligible for COBRA. If your unpaid leave is 30 days or less, you’re reinstated with the same coverage you had before you left. If your unpaid leave is longer than 30 days, you have to re-enroll for benefits as if you were a new employee.

    For full details, see the governance documents available on the HISD employee portal.