• Bellaire Geographical Zone
    Please use this link to determine if you live in the Bellaire zone.

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    Zoned Student Registration Information:

    Students currently attending HISD schools do not have to complete registration paperwork. Records from current HISD school will automatically roll over to Bellaire High School if the student has not accepted a Magnet or Transfer to another HISD school.  

    Bellaire Counselors will be visiting feeder middle schools to have 8th graders that are zoned to Bellaire complete course selection sheets.  A schedule of campus visits is below.  Please also note that there are dates set aside for students coming to BHS on  IB Transfers or from Private School to register and complete course selection as well as Magnet Students.


    Students in the Bellaire Zone that are not currently attending an HISD School
    See the Enrollment Requirements for BHS or visit the Registrar's Office near the main office on campus.


    • Bellaire Counselors will be scheduling virtual visits with feeder Middle Schools to guide students through course selection.
    • Counseling presentations will be recorded.
    • Students are encouraged to review their choices with a parent prior to submitting their Course Selection Form.
    • Incoming 9th Graders will submit their Course Selection Form at http://bit.ly/BHS9GradeCourses
    • The Course Selection Form will be activated In early April after middle school visits begin.
    • Course Selection Form Is due by the end of the day May 7th


    Dates we know:

    • April 14th - IB student course selection
    • April 15th - Private school student course selection.
    • April 20th - Magnet and CTE transfer course selection.


    *Links and recordings of Course Selection Sessions will be on our website.


    After attending a Counselor's Presentation about Course Selection students can select their classes through his online form.