• Laptop Will Not Turn On

    With the HISD laptop, we always recommend that you restart it every 2-3 days.  This allows HISD updates to go though and keeps the computer from having a majority of the issues we see all of the time.

    If your laptop does not turn on, you will need to try the following and then contact us if you see any lights near the charging port.

    1. Hold the Power Button down for 30 seconds until the laptop completely powers off.

    2. Wait 10 seconds and then restart the laptop


    If it still does not turn off, look for the following lights near the charging port.

    1. Solid Orange/Amber light - The laptop is charging

    2. Blinking Orange/Amber light - The laptop battery is extremely low and you should charge it for a few hours.

    3. Blinking White light (9 times) - The laptop has been damaged due to dropping it.  You need to bring it in for repair as the system board is damaged.

    4. Blinking Orange/White light - Hold down the Power button longer until both go off.