Transcript Requests
Ms. Willie Mae Franklyn, Registrar
Initial Transcript Requests 
Transcript requests are made online.  Requests should be submitted at least ten (10) school days before the application deadline. (Processing may take up to three days, which allows seven school days for receipt by college or scholarship.) Requests are not processed during weekends, holidays, and non-school days. Remember that you must also present your student ID at the time your payment is made.
If you need a mailing address for an Apply Texas school check this link for a 4-year institution and check this link for a two-year institution.

How do I get a Final Transcript?

Final transcripts which show final grades and date of graduation will not be available until the week of June 12th – 15th. All final transcripts (official) will be sent directly to the designated school/scholarship.  Please submit your final transcript request no later than  May 15, 2017. Unofficial transcripts can be requested for personal use beginning June 12th

  • No transcripts will be mailed to student homes.
  • These transcripts are only for colleges, NCAA Clearinghouse, and financial aid 
Please take note of these important deadlines:
Mid-Year Transcript Requests are now being accepted.
Submit your request by clicking the button below.
If you are no longer a student at Bellaire, please click here for information about requesting a transcript.