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 Transcript Requests
Ms. Willie Mae Franklyn, Registrar
Transcript requests are made online.  After a student submits a transcript request he/she must go to the Registrar's Office and pay the $2.00 fee for the transcript before the request will be processed. Requests should be submitted at least ten (10) school days before the application deadline. (Processing may take up to three days, which allows seven school days for receipt by college or scholarship.) Requests are not processed during weekends, holidays, and non-school days. Remember that you must also present your student ID at the time your payment is made.
If you need a mailing address for an Apply Texas school check this link for a 4-year institution and check this link for a two-year institution.

How do I get a mid-year transcript?

Mid-year transcripts must be requested separately. 

  • There is no charge for a mid-year transcript if initial transcript was sent to same school last semester.
  • Students do not need to go to registrar’s office after requesting a mid-year transcript. Bellaire has a record of the initial transcript being authorized and sent. (If a student is needed for any reason, the Registrar's office will contact the student.) 

Students will still pay $2 for initial transcripts for the rest of this school year. Initial transcripts should not be submitted via this form. They should be submitted through the Request for an Official Transcript link. 

How do I get a final transcript?
As seniors complete the checkout procedure in late May, they will be required to request up to 3 final transcript requests.

  • Students can have up to 3 final transcripts with no fee, if requested on or before the last day of the school year.
  • No transcripts will be mailed to student homes.
  • These transcripts are only for colleges, NCAA Clearinghouse, and financial aid 
Please take note of these important deadlines:
If needed for:
Dec. 15th , it should be ordered by Dec. 1st
Jan. 1st, it should be ordered by Dec. 7th
Jan. 15th, it should be ordered by Dec. 17th
Please select the type of transcript you need below.