• Access to Better Chinese 
    Better Chinese program is adopted for our Mandarin Chinese curriculum. Mandarin teachers will post current lessons on Living Tree. Please encourage your child to review the lesson(s) as often as he/she can. You can use the log-in information provided by your child's teacher to access the lesson content HERE.
    1. Click on SCHOOL ACCOUNT
    2. Enter ClassID, User Name, and Password in the designated space (as shown below).
    3. Click on the Arrow or press the return key to proceed.
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    Better Chinese Activities
    LESSONS: access to the resources for the current lesson (English translations are provide. You can also move the mouse cursor over one of the icons for English translation.) 
    Animation: animated Better Chinese textbook
    • lesson dialogue or ke wen (the body of lesson)
    • shi shi kan (review Chinese characters from previous lessons)
    • du yi du (enrichment with new vocabulary)
    • ju xing (sentence stems)
    • ju xing lian xi (practice for sentence stems)
    • 认读字词 rèn dú zì cí (characters included in the benchmarks)
    • 习写字 xí xiě zì (animated stroke sequence) 
    Magical Chinese: animation of Chinese character evolution
    Fun Story: animated Chinese story 
    Songs and Rhyme: animated Chinese songs and rhymes 
    Homework: Teacher might assign homework here. 
    Project: Teacher might assign homework here. 
    STORIES: selection of various story books, songs, rhymes, and Pinyin pronunciation (Pinyin is introduced in 3rd grade.)
    REPORTS: Teachers might assign homework here. 
    TOOLS: voice recording, writing pad, and more
    Note: You can also switch between traditional and simplified forms from the upper righthand corner. If you click on close/exit, the browser will be closed. Click on the "X" to go back to the choice menu.
    Additional Practice
    Your child is expected to read the Chinese characters included in 认读字词 (rèn dú zì cí) section. Quizlet provides various activities for additional practice.
    They are also expected to write the Chinese characters included in 习写字 (xí xiě zì) section in the correct stroke order. Arch Chinese is a search engine that allows you to find correct stroke order for other Chinese characters that are not included in Better Chinese. You can search for the individual character either by copying and pasting the character in the search area (as shown below) or typing in the Pinyin for the target character.
    The buttons in Arch Chinese (as shown below) allow you to (1) see stroke by stroke formation of the character, (2) learn the correct stroke order, and (3) listen to the pronunciation.
    Starting November, the Mandarin Chinese teacher will present each student the Chinese characters selected from rèn dú zì cí section from each lesson one at a time and expect the student to pronounce the characters as accurate as possible. The result will be sent home after it is completed. 70% mastery is expected.