• Benchmarks 
    There will be 3 benchmarks scheduled for all students.
    The Mandarin Chinese teacher will present each student the Chinese characters selected from each lesson one at a time and expect the student to pronounce the characters as accurate as possible. The result will be sent home after it is completed. 70% mastery is expected. Students who do not meet the 70% expectations will receiving small group interventions at school. Please reinforce Chinese learning at home by scheduling time for your child to practice it daily.
    Students who do not meet 70% mastery on benchmarks will be placed on a magnet growth plan per SDMC 2016.
    How to Help Your Child at Home 
    Please have your child review grade level word list provided by your child's teacher or with Better Chinese or Quizlet for 10 to 15 minutes each day. We will evaluate your child's progress in October, February, and April by asking them to read the Chinese characters selected from the word list. Please encourage your child to read the characters instead of repeating after the recording.
    Mastery Expectation
    All students are expected to able to recognize and pronounce 70% of the Chinese characters presented during the evaluation in October, February, and April. 
    Progress Report & Retest
    Progress Report will be sent home within a week of assessment. We will help your child to review the characters that he or she misses. Please support us by scheduling daily review with your child at home based on the report.