• Bellaire Tech Theatre presents...
    December 7th, 2019 (new date)

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    2 weeks before show time - Students collect sponsorship for hours spent working during the 24hr period. They can also collect flat donations. Student writers/directors/actors are assigned.

    Night before Show - All students and sponsors meet and go over the rules. Writers write. Actors and directors sleep.

    Day of Show - Directors and actors arrive in the early morning. Writers go home to sleep. Scripts are distributed and rehearsal begins. Doors open @ 6:00. Tickets at door are $10. Showtime is at 6:30 pm.

    Who can participate?
    All Red Bird Productions members participate.
    We need:
    10 writers
    10 directors
    60+ actors to participate



    Does a 24 Hour Play last 24 hours? 
    No! A common misconception and one that puts the fear of God into audiences. The whole process of casting, writing, rehearsing and performing the play takes 24 hours. The actual plays themselves should be between 8-12 minutes long – so if you have 6 plays in total, the show should last around an hour.


    What happens if the writers get writers’ block and can’t create a play? 
    There have been some tight calls over the years, with plays being written in the final hour of the overnight process. But plays have ALWAYS got written. In fact, most writers find that The 24 Hour process is the ultimate antidote to writers’ block.


    What happens if an actor forgets a line? 
    This has happened a fair few times and it’s totally part of the experience. Remember – the audience know the crazy process you’ve been going through to get these plays on and want to experience the danger with you. We always find that actors’ ability to improvise in these situations surprises everyone – including themselves. And that’s the magic of taking part.


    The History:

    The 24 Hour Plays® is a long-running institution in New York and international theater, but its work is always fresh and new. The 24 Hour Company produces these time limited events, including "The 24 Hour Musicals", on Broadway and in cities all over the world. In New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Florence, Dublin, and Athens, theater icons and newcomers alike regularly participate. The 24 Hour Company also produces celebrity benefits that have raised millions of dollars for a variety of worthy causes. In 1997, The 24 Hour Company began licensing its trademark The 24 Hour Plays® along with the process, production handbook and other materials to select charitable and educational groups. Licensed affiliates have produced their own versions of it in regional and professional theaters, colleges, and universities just about everywhere you can find a curtain and a stage.


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